Discover The Wines of the Rhone Valley, Part 2 of 3

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France’s Rhône Valley is a wine lovers paradise. This is home to many of the grape varieties which are planted the world over. Grenache, syrah and mourvèdre have grown here for generations. In the embrace of the radiant sun, relentless mistral wind and rocky soils they produce wines that are flavourful and generous. Produced in 2008

Getting Your Bearings on Pairings

I am an Aurora resident that started an upscale catering business in Naperville seventeen years ago. With a business background, a love for food and wine and plenty of elbow grease, our venture has grown nicely over the years. Both my wife and I had good cooks in our families, so we were raised in homes where food was appreciated.

Zinfandel and Barbecue a Match Made For Summer

With all of summer’s festivities, like Naperville’s Ribfest, barbecue takes center stage for casual dining. If beer is too filling and vodka tonics or margaritas are too strong, wine may be your beverage of choice. With barbecue’s rich, bold and spicy flavors, a slightly chilled red zinfandel is an ideal pairing with this summer fare.

A Look at This Season With Grape Expectations

Autumn is the time of year when grape growers all over the world lovingly harvest their crops and celebrate their bounty. However, the recent adverse weather could put a damper on much of the merriment. Our world’s shifting weather patterns have made it challenging for grape growers across the globe.

Wine Glassware – What You Need to Know About Choosing Wine Glasses For That Special Occasion

Ok, if you haven’t got any friends to invite to dinner, then this article isn’t for you. But if you are planning a special occasion and your drinks cabinet is overflowing with various bottles of wine, just how much thought have you put into the wine glassware that you are going to use and in particular which glasses will you serve your guests their red wine in? Like most people, the answer is very little.

Wine Serving Suggestions

Most American wines are bottled in either “fifths” or quarts. But European table wines frequently come in somewhat smaller bottles; sometimes they hold only 3/4 quart or even an ounce less. So note the net contents before you buy, to see whether you are getting your money’s worth.

Basic Wine Equipment Tool Kits

There are several different pieces of wine making equipment to be used in order to achieve a great batch of wine. I will name the pieces of equipment and what each item is used for.

The Joys of Home Wine Making Kits

If you love to pop open a good bottle of wine with a loved one, or to share in the company of good friends, then you may love the idea of being able to impress them by making that wine yourself.  Imagine the pleasant surprise on their faces when they discover that the tremendous wine they just sampled is your own creation.  In order to get to that point, however, you must first go through the actual process of making these wines – and that can be a tough task unless you have some help.

Home Wine Making Kits Can Be Lots of Fun, If You Know What to Do

For some people, it’s always nice to settle in with a bottle of wine – shared with friends, or simply with someone you love, in the comfort of home. When you decide to have a bottle of wine, it is found more fun by people all over if the wine is made by their own hand. Those who do decide to make their own wines may get frustrated with the idea of trying to do something like that from scratch.

Where Can I Find a Cheap Wine Making Kit?

Looking for a good cheap wine making kit?  Obviously the Internet is your #1 resource.  We can help steer you in the right direction.

Looking For a Fun, Special Gift? How About Beer Gift Baskets!

Beer gift baskets can be a fun gift for someone who enjoys beer and is hard to buy for. You can create a beer basket yourself or order one online.

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