Discover the Wines of the American Pacific Northwest

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Come and join the LCBO’s Michael Fagan on a journey to the Pacific Northwest and discover one of America’s best-kept wine secrets. Meet the pioneers responsible for Oregon’s world-renowned Pinot Noir and discover why Washington State’s wine regions are establishing a reputation for powerful reds and refined whites. Panoramic views, lush wilderness and vast mountain ranges — the American Pacific Northwest offers a bounty of treasures for outdoor enthusiasts and wine lovers alike. Produced in 2001

Easy Home Beer Making – A Simplified Introduction For Beginners

Home Beer Making is much easier than you may realize. Recently, a customer asked me three things that they should know before beginning their home beer making adventure. My answers? Your first batch of beer will be brewing in less than 30minutes, Home beer making requires little more than a pot of boiling water and some basic ingredients, Home Brewed beer tastes better than anything you buy at the store!

Which Wine Goes With Which Food?

Perhaps the most common question about wine is “Which wine goes with which food?” We’re here to help you with that dilemma and make the ‘art’ of matching wine and food easy!

Three Simple Steps For Home Beer Making That Anyone Can Follow

Making beer at home uses the same chemistry and principals that a micro or commercial brewery would use. Follow these simple steps with slight modifications for your beer kit, and you’ll be drinking home brew in 2 weeks!

The Wine of Lepe

In Chaucer’s Pardoner’s Tale, there is an interesting reference to the wine of Lepe:Now keep ye from the white and from the red,And namely from the white wine of Lepe,That is to sell in Fish Street or in Chepe.This wine of Spain creepeth subtillyIn other wines, growing fast by,Of which there riseth such fumositee,That when a man hath drunken draughtes three,And weneth that he be at home in Chepe,He is in Spain, right at the town of Lepe,Not at the Rochelle, nor at Bordeaux town.”Fumositee” is a beautiful word; its meaning is so clear that no lexicographer would dare define …

Nosferatu Stock Ale – A Microbrew Review of Great Lakes Brewing Company’s Fall Beer Offering

I’ve really enjoyed a number of craft beers by Great Lakes Brewing Co. Would their Fall offering of “Nosferatu Stock Ale” follow suit or leave me looking for another beer with more bite?

Wine Festivals in October in Languedoc – Not to Be Missed

In the French Languedoc region (south of France), it is now the grape harvest season. Tractors usually drive along vineyard paths, but it is not that rare to see people picking the grapes. It is an old tradition, which still endures today in regions where the machines cannot drive through.

Restaurant Wine Lists – Wine List Selection and BYO

Dining in a restaurant can have known food service issues and annoyances, but to people who love wine – the wine part of the experience in a restaurant, including their list and selection can have just as many, if not more annoyances. To people who like or love wine, Prices, Selection, Vintages and other factors can make or break a meal at a restaurant. That is why many look to BYO (bring your own) and pay the corkage.

Cufflinks For the Wine Connoisseur

For well-bred Americans (read those who weren’t from a wine-consuming nation), alcohol was nevertheless on the rampage. Instead of wine, the folks were drinking down large amounts of beer, whiskey, and gin, and saloon keepers were rich men indeed. A little old lady might prize her elderberry or dandelion wine – for medicinal purposes, of course (wink, wink), but the idea of imbibing from the grape seemed to smack of being – well, Italian, Spanish, or French.

What to Look For in Wine Coolers

Wine connoisseurs should never do without a wine cooler refrigerator. Here’s why.

What White Wine Do I Use? Part 1

An evening symphony under the stars. A casual brunch with your friends. A very formal dinner party with your boss in attendance. All of these occasions call for wine. But how do you know what to choose? Let me help you begin the journey with this timely article on wine selection.

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