Discover The Wines of Southern Italy

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By director Jim Fitzpatrick. The LCBO takes you on journey through the wine styles of Southern Italy. Beginning with the sun-baked beauty and unique wines of Sicily, this journey continues on the mainland through historic Campania and over to Apulia, the fertile region that forms the heel of the Italian boot. Join host Michael Fagan in part one of a three-episode series exploring the wines of Italy, and discover that the hot Mediterranean sun and a little innovation can create elegant and balanced wines.

What is a Fortified Wine and How is it Made?

We finish off a great meal with sweets and a fortified. But what is a fortified wine and how are they made? Why are they so sweet? Read on…

What’s in a Sherry and How is it Made?

Mention Sherry and the first thing you think of is your old drunk Aunt or sweet fruitcake. But a real Sherry is a treat to the senses. And other than sparkling wines, it’s one of the hardest most complex wines to make. Read on for the full story…

A Brief History of Sweet and Sticky Today

Tokay is made from a table grape (also called Flame Tokay) with a thick red skin and bland tasting flesh with seeds. Not a very good start to one of the world’s great sweet wines, but if you add some creative winemaking…..

Sicilia – Coveted Jewel of the Mediterranean and Wine Clubs Alike

The island of Sicilia in Marsala boasts Italy’s finest wineries, a favorite of many wine clubs. Known as the coveted jewel of the Mediterranean, this article details the wines of Sicilia.

Ullage and Fill Levels in a Wine Bottle – When Has Your Investment Turned Sour?

Ullage is the word used to describe the air space above the wine and under the cork or screw cap. You can tell a fair bit about the quality of the wine in the bottle just by the fill level. Especially in older bottles. Here’s a quick guide on what to treasure and what to avoid.

Post Road Pumpkin Ale – A Craft Beer Review

The autumn season means Oktoberfest and pumpkin ales for the beer lover. In this article I focus on my review of Post Road Pumpkin Ale.

Ordering Wine at a Restaurant – 7 Great Tips

If you’ve ever found yourself at a restaurant with a date or even a client or your boss, and you have to order from a wine list, then you will find these wine ordering tips helpful. Learn a little bit about wine ahead of time.

Alcohol Yeast in Wine – Where Does the Alcohol Come From?

Alcohol is the result of the fermentation process where a micro- organism (yeast) converts sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide gas. Yeast is a living organism that is critical to winemaking. Without yeast, there would be no beer, wine or spirits, bread, yoghurt or cheese.

Wine Stain Removal – How to Be Prepared When Red Wine Stains Happen

If you’ve ever spilled red or rose wine on your rugs, clothing, tablecloths or napkins, you know that they can ruin them, if the spot isn’t removed properly. So, how do you remove red wine stains? There are all sorts of stain removers and home remedies that claim to remove red wine including using white wine to remove red, using club soda or even salt to remove the stain.

Wine Trails – Pennsylvania’s Charming Wine Country

You’ve heard about California wine country, but Pennsylvania? Yes, Pennsylvania is becoming very well known and respected among wine lovers and wine travel fans. Join us as we explore one of Pennsylvania’s unique wine trails …

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