Discover The Wines of Chile, Part 2 of 2

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In this program you will discover Chile’s secret to success as a world class wine producing nation. Chile has it all; wines of purity and intensity, an industry made up of passionate and dedicated people, all nestled between the majestic Andes Mountains and Pacific Ocean.
Produced in 2007

Can Drinking Wine Cause Acid Reflux?

There are some theories out there, on how wine assists in causing acid reflux. There are people who suffer from acid reflux after drinking wine and those who do not suffer from acid reflux. If you are a serious wine drinker, giving up wine may be out of the question but the suffering from drinking wine may be too great to go on.

Choosing Wine Glasses – The Choice of Crystal Or Glass, the Effect of Shape and Size

Having a special glass for Shiraz, another for chardonnay and yet another for pinot? Can we not use a common glass for all wine? Does it really make the wine taste better with a unique glass?

Fine Red Wines

Fine California red wines are also much preferred to be served at charity auctions and corporate cocktail parties. These particular wines are distinctively tasty. There are even benefit gala or local charity events that put up a wine tasting weekend as one of the prizes for bid winners.

Put Some Sparkle in Your Holidays

December is a festive and magical time of the year, when family and friends reconnect and celebrate the year’s milestones. Given this celebratory mood, it is not surprising that 80% of Champagne and Sparkling wine is consumed during the holidays.

Wine Festivals Offer Suggestions For Fall

Fall food and wine festivals are an affordable way to experience a wide variety of wines. This helps broaden your palate while discovering your wine preferences. In addition, at many festivals, knowledgeable winemakers are on hand to answer questions, helping you learn more about all aspects of wine.

Cold Weather & Cabernet Go Mitten in Mitten

Baby it’s cold outside! This is a great time of year to stay inside and enjoy a hearty glass of red wine. While there are many wonderful choices of bold red wine, including Ribera del Duero from Spain and the Bordeaux and Rhone wines of France, this column will focus on Napa Valley California Cabernet Sauvignon.

Brewing Your Own Beer – Some Tips and Advice

Brewing your own beer isn’t the easiest hobby in the world but as many experienced beer brewers will tell you, the hard work and patience is well worth it. We have compiled a list of hints and tips that hopefully will help you with brewing your own beer.

Wine & Cheese? No, Thanks! Beer Goes Better With Cheese

Have you ever wondered why you just love munching on your favorite pizza smothered with extra cheese while drinking beer? That’s because cheese actually goes better with beer even more than wine does.

Wine Lovers Gift Basket Ideas

Intimacy, hominess and elegance of any party ambiance have a positive impact to those enjoying it. It’s no biggie as to how much money is thrown out to put a great party. The quality of event does not merely rely on the expense incurred but the smoothness of program flow, people’s enjoyment level and genuineness of conversations.

The Importance of Proper Wine Storage

Whether you keep a few bottles of wine for company or hundreds of bottles you have invested in, they need stored. The importance of proper wine storage especially when it comes to controlled aging is something that should concern you. Here are some important facts on suitable wine storage.

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