Discover the Wines of Alsace, France

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Nestled between the Vosges Mountains and the Rhine River, Alsace is a picturesque landscape of quilted vineyards and quaint medieval villages. Join our host Michael Fagan, as we travel through this little corner of France and discover its wines, indulge in its cuisine and revel in its natural beauty. Produced in 2002

A Short History of the Shiraz Wine Grape

Shiraz is one of the great red wines in the world. It is the most widely planted red wine grape in Australia and produces wonderful, big reds that leave your tongue begging for more. Here’s a shorty history of the Shiraz wine grape.

How to Make Beer at Home – Almost Easier Than it Looks

An easy way to learn how to brew beer at home. If you’ve ever been interested in home brewing, this summary of the basic technique will show you how easy it is.

A Brief Tour Around British Beer Styles

Beer, which came from the Low Countries and was first imported into England in the 15th century, used hops as a flavouring and a preservative. Beer style is a term used to differentiate and categorise beers by various factors such as colour, flavour, strength, ingredients, production method, recipe, history or origin.

A Short History of the Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Grape

Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the great wine lovers grapes. It gives big fruity reds that love oak and linger on the palate for ages. Here’s a short history of the Cabernet Sauvignon wine grape.

2006 Chardonnay – Bonterra Vineyards

This is a nice buttery Chardonnay that is very smooth and has no after taste. The grapes are organically grown and come from California Certified Organic Farmers.

What Does it Cost to Plant 1 Acre of Vines

Have you ever dreamt about your own vineyard? Can you imagine sitting out on the porch sipping a glass of your very own wine watching your vines swaying in the breeze? Well here’s a short look at what it costs to put one acre of wines into the ground.

A Short History of the Chardonnay Wine Grape

Chardonnay is one of the trendiest wines in the world. It comes into fashion and then loses favour with monotonous regularity. But, the more people don’t like it, the more of this wonderful drop there is out there for the REAL wine lovers. Here’s a short history of this wine grape.

Carignane – A Versatile Wine

Carignane is the most popular grape crop in France. Carignane is the American spelling of the grape name and the wine that is sold that is made from the grape. In France it is known as Carignan. In Italy it is called Carginano and in Spain it is known as Cannena or Mezeulo. The grape is sometimes grown in California but only as a medium for blending less acidic wines.

The Wine Varietal Gamay

The Gamay grape vine is also known for being a very vigorous vine that tends to create a very acidic yet sweet fruit. The wine is also noted for being very fruity with an almost tropical flair. Some Gamays even seem to taste a bit like bananas. This is not an aged wine and typically it tastes a bit of raisins, sour cherries, and black pepper.

Malbec – A Savory, Rich Wine

Malbec is a very common grape in France. Outside of France it is known in Europe as Auxerrois and Cot. There are actually hundreds of names for this grape and the wine that it is created from because it is planted in nearly every area of France. A wine in France can’t be called a Malbec unless it continas a minimum of 70% of the content of this grape.

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