Discover The White Wines of Burgundy

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Chardonnay is the white grape of Burgundy and this moderate growing region of France is where you find some of it’s greatest expressions. Names like Montrachet, Chablis and Pouilly-Fuissé. This is the region where the chardonnay grape developed and today it’s made in a range of styles. From bone-dry wines with minerality and acidity to full-bodied wines with complex tropical fruit, citrus and spice. In this program, discover the white wines of Burgundy.

Homemade Winemaking For Beginners

Want to start that first batch of homemade wine? Here’s a “quick start guide” on how to do it. You can have your first batch going by tonight!

On Italian Wine

Italy has the a long illustrious history in wine dating back to the Roman Empire and the Ancient Greeks who planted some vineyards in Sicily and other parts of Southern Italy like; Calabria and Campania. The Romans with their far reaching Empire that stretched across Europe and into North Africa, planted vineyards in every corner of their domain, including; France, Germany, Spain, and Croatia. Wine is as deeply rooted into the Italian lifestyle as pizza, pasta, Prosciutto, and Parmigiano.

A Short History of the Merlot Wine Grape – Where it Came From

The popularity of Merlot plummeted when it got bad press in the move Sideways. However Merlot’s a wonderful wine grape producing some of the most wonderful wines in the world. Read here where Merlot came from and how it grows. There’s a lot that has to happen before you pull the cork from your next Merlot wine bottle.

French Wine Explained

Some people who like wine are shy to try European wines and French wine seems very confusing. The grape types that we know and use to identify wines we’ll enjoy are exactly the same grapes that are used in France. In fact they all started out in France and wine makers in America often think of French wine as their model of perfection. So, why not drink more French wine? Make the connection between grape types and French regions and it will seem less confusing.

It’s Raining Wine in the Valley of the Moon

The birthplace of the California wine industry, Sonoma valley has a number of wineries and vineyards. This article covers some of the most prominent wineries in Sonoma Valley and how you can best explore these wineries by traveling in comfort and luxury….

What’s in a Wine Label?

If we can believe the market research and statistics, then we know that over 90% of people decide which wine to buy in a bottle shop because they like the label. So much for the hard work in making the wine!

Did You Ever Think of Brewing Your Own Beer?

Do you enjoy Kraft beers but not the price? Are you sick of the watery tasteless fizzy stuff that passes for beer in the United States? Did you know you can brew your own beer with a small investment?

What’s a Botrytis, Noble Rot Or Late Pick Wine?

As soon as you say sweet wine, people think botrytis wines. But what really is a bortrytis wine or a noble rot wine or even a late pick wine? What do the terms mean? Find out here.

The Drinking Debate

One of the biggest arguments in the debate is that the wine of Christ’s time was nonalcoholic. The words used for describing it merely meant that it was created by juicing grapes. It wasn’t an actual fermented fluid, but grape juice.

Lambic, A Perfect Treat For the Holidays

Lindemans Lambic is a treat for anyone who appreciates a little something different. It’s also a refreshing, fizzy and fruity beverage for upcoming holiday celebrations.

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