Discover The Red Wines of Burgundy

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Burgundy’s influence in the world of wine far outreaches its geographic footprint. It is the home of pinot noir, a grape that has captured the imagination of winemakers around the globe. Join Michael Fagan on an exploration of Burgundy’s historic vineyards and cellars and learn why these wines represent the benchmark for pinot noir production.

Jim Fitzpatrick

2006 Promised Land Unwooded Chardonnay With Sauteed Mussels

Maybe you have read about Naked Chardonnay. Fasten your seat belt for a recommendation of a great Chardonnay along with a recipe for sauteed mussels. The combination of these two will send you into orbit. Honest!

The Top 5 Most Expensive Bottles of Wine

Expensive wine always conjures images of luxurious restaurants, pampered executives or aristocrats. While some of us may have tasted wine at over 20 US dollars, and a lesser portion of us, wine at over 100 dollars a bottle, very few of us have, or ever will, taste wine at some of the prices given in this article.

Wine Appreciation Evolution – From the Ancient to the Modern Period – From Bronze to Glass

Long before there were wine glasses, or for that matter before the material glass was invented, there was wine. Unearthed from the ruins of ancient China reveals how wine was drunk by nobles during the period from the Xia dynasty, to the Shang and to the Zhou dynasty, with bronze ware. Ordinary folks used wares that were made from clay.

French Wines – 9 Principle Wine Regions

Where do these French wines come from? What are the native grapes that have become globally known? Find out!

Evolving Wine Glasses – The Character, Shape, and Design – The Ultimate Experience of Wine Drinking

For years, wine glass designers have, through much research and experimentation, come out with different wine glasses. Essentially, wine glasses are designed to bring out the best of the wine, the aroma, taste and mouth feel.

Pair White Wines For Pair of Butternut Squash Recipes

Now that fall has arrived, the air is turning crisp and we are beginning to think about the harvest and heartier fare. To take advantage of the end of the seasonal bounty at the local farmers markets, we are focusing on hard winter squash, which is abundant and reasonably priced. We settled on two butternut squash recipes and two white wines – Viognier and Pinot Gris – to accompany the dishes. Red wines do not pair well because they tend to be dry, tannic and lack sweetness.

Story of Champagne

Champagne is a sparkling wine made within the Champagne region in France and is made by inducing an in-bottle secondary fermentation of wine to cause carbonation. It owes its success to the marketing efforts by the Champagne producers. Its image as an aristocratic drink gave it an aura of supremacy. They come in different variety, but most wines are made from a blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes.

Rhode Island Wine Trail

With $3 or $4 gasoline you might be thinking of staying closer to home for travel fun. Naturally, you may want to visit a winery that is in your area and if you live in New England and are close to Rhode Island, here are four vineyards to choose from.

Spanish Wine

Today Spain is booming in the wine world with close to 70 wine regions. Wine export from Spain has almost doubled from five years ago- possibly due to the fact that Spain is producing more new, world-class wines than ever before and also Spain has some of the best wine values around. After the death of the repressive dictator Fransisco Franco in 1975, things changed in Spain in a big way in Spanish society.

Fish Tacos – Perfect Pairing

This summer, we have done our fair share of backyard grilling, including fish, chicken and beef dishes. Being the adventurous type, Karen is always looking for variety. While sitting out on the patio, our thoughts turned to Mexico. One of our favorite dishes is fish tacos which we usually enjoy with a cold glass of Mexican beer.

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