Discover the Art of Making Wine

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In this episode we follow the fascinating process of how wine is made from vineyard to glass. Join Michael Fagan, as he travels to wine producing regions around the world and explores the art and science of grape growing and winemaking. Produced in 2005

A Microbrew Beer Review of Summit Brewing Company’s Oktoberfest Marzen

Fall is here and with it comes all the great Oktoberfest style beers. These fall beers have a distinct character like no other microbrew you’ll find throughout the rest of the year. I review Summit Brewing Company Oktoberfest Marzen here in this beer review article. I think you’ll like it…if you like craft beers and microbrew!

Brew Kits

Tough economic times call for brew kits! Yes, that’s right. Home brewed beer has so many advantages over store bought brews.

Let it Breathe – How to Aerate Your Wine

The world of wine can often seem like an alien one. From etiquette to tasting technique, the common functions of wine drinking can be mystifying. One such area that confuses many has to do with letting a wine breathe.

French Wines – Gigondas

Gigondas is a wine that makes a memorable impression on the consumer! Impress your friends and family by introducing this amazingly tasty wine.

Learning About the Wine Making Process

Since homemade fruit wine making is an interesting hobby, many of us look for good wine making instructions to make this hobby more successful, easy and fun. Truly, whenever we think about wine making, we cannot resist thinking about grapes. But the fact is you can use other fruits as well.

Why it is Important to Let Wine Breathe

As human beings, we need to breathe to live. The reason is rather obvious given our biology. In the world of food and drink, wine also needs to breathe although why is less clear to many people.

The Ins and Outs of Legs on Wine

Wine tasting is the art of the sublime. It is part of the evaluation process in which we determine if a wine is superior or inferior. There are many subtle aspects to making this evaluation. One question is the role the legs of a wine play.

Wine Label Collecting – The Secret to Successfully Removing Labels

Drinking wine is one of those luxuries that can quickly become a full blown habit. The more you get into it, the more you will want to document your wine experiences. Keeping a journal of your wine experiences is a common step, but so is wine label collecting.

The Incredible Chianti Wine

When it comes to wine, the measure of taste is usually subtle. You sort of like that wine, but kind of do not like that other wine. Chianti wine is another beast entirely. It is definitely a take it or leave it wine for many people.

Wedding Champagne Primer

One of the hallmarks of any festive occasion is the popping of Champagne corks. There is something about this sparkling wine from France that has always been associated with good times and living the high life. For brides and grooms trying to decide how to include Champagne in their own celebration, here is a basic primer.

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