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Sweet, strong and savory, Port is one of the world’s most famous wines. Join your host Michael Fagan as we travel east along the mighty Douro by train and see the incredibly steep, hot and rocky terrain where Port grapes are grown and must be laboriously picked by hand. Meet some of Portugal’s most distinguished producers and examine the many different styles of Port as we transcend the traditional pairing of Port with Stilton and discover Port’s versatility. Produced in 2000

My Favorite 2005 Bordeaux

My latest choice is just under $10.00. 2005 Grande Reserve de Beau-Rivage, Bordeaux Eleve en futs de chene, France. I read several wine trade publications and since the beginning of the year, I have read nothing but rave reviews about the 2005 Bordeaux.

How to Make Sangria

There are various ways to make sangria and each and every one with their unique taste. Learn to make your own sangria in a matter of minutes. Try it out and enjoy your own Spanish Sangria drink.

Marin County’s Wine Industry

Because of its geographic location and topographic features, vineyards in Marin County are cooler than those of its bordering Sonoma and Napa Counties. As a matter of fact, Marin County’s climate and terrain resemble Burgundy, the famous wine country of Southern France, more than they do California. It is safe to claim that Marin County’s wine industry produces wines that easily complete with those produced in Burgundy.

Wine Racks – They Provide You With One Convenient Place to Store Wine

You love wine and have decided that having just a few bottles on hand is just not enough. You want to be able to really have a selection to choose from when you decide to uncork a bottle and that is where wine racks come into play.

Causes of Headaches When Drinking Wine

We get great pleasure from drinking wine, but why do so many of us often suffer from headaches afterward? There are several reasons why, and it’s not necessarily just because of over consumption! See what are the causes and remedies.

White Wine Types – What Goes Best With Certain Foods?

Many countries produce wine for local consumption and for export. The best known regions with the largest distributions worldwide are in France, California, Italy and Australia. Spain and New Zealand have suitable climates for growing white wine grapes and distribute their wines on a smaller scale.

Red Wine is Good For You

If you fancy a drop of alcohol, you could do a lot worse than a glass of red. Now, you probably already knew this, but drunk in MODERATION, red wine has been scientifically proven to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. What you probably didn’t know is that red wine contains a miracle compound which helps reduce bad cholesterol, acts as an anti-inflammatory in the body AND…

A Short History of the Verdelho Wine Grape

Verdelho is a sweet white variety that originates around Portugal and is now grown all around the world. The wine has an intense fruit nose ages beautifully. Here’s some history on this wine grape variety.

Wine Travel – Nebraska’s Blossoming Wine Country

Nebraska is well known as an agricultural state, with miles and miles of farmland stretching as far as the eye can see. But few people know about Nebraska wine country, a portion of the state that’s filled with lush valleys, grapevines galore, and small boutique wineries. Join us as we explore this up and coming wine region …

A Short History of the Pinot Noir Wine Grape

Pinot Noir is one of the oldest wine grapes in the world. It produces some breathtakingly wonderful wines when treated right. But it’s hard and finicky to grow. Here’s a short history on this magnificent grape.

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