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Kieu Hoang is living an amazing American dream story. He came to the U.S. from Vietnam with very little, worked hard, founded two successful businesses, and is now a generous philanthropist. In 2017, he donated five million dollars each to relief efforts for the San Jose floods and the Houston floods. He began his Carneros winery to follow his passion for wine and to further the study of wine’s health benefits. With renowned Napa winemaker, Charles Hendricks, his micro-winery now handcrafts 5,000 cases of fantastic wines each year.

The Best Selling Alcohol Today – Lower ABV Leads the Pack

The craft brew world has long been abuzz with incredibly strong beers, exotic ingredients and other extreme brewing products. That’s changing though, at least according to consumer metrics. Today, session-type beers are the most frequently purchased products for beer lovers.

Tips for Finding the Best Wine Storage Ideas

A person who enjoys collecting fine wine may want to find the best wine storage ideas and a way to have them wonderfully displayed. Wine cellars, wine racks and wine coolers are among the known wine storage options. It is important to remember that whatever type of storage chosen, the appropriate environment for the wines must be maintained.

Wine Tasting Party Themes

In light of all the blogs and articles I’ve been reading lately about the certification of wine writers, let me first point out that I am not an expert on wine.  In fact, anyone claiming to be an expert doesn’t understand that there is no such thing as an expert on wine.  Wine is a subjective experience much like reading a book, viewing a piece of art or watching a movie.

The Mysteries Of Wine Fermentation Process

The question that will bug most beginner home wine maker is on the wine fermentation process. How grape juice or any fruit juice gets “turned” into wine? The mystery of this fermentation process is not so complex and it begins and ends with a micro-organism called yeast.

Civilization and Beer: The Chicken or the Egg?

It’s well known that beer was created by the earliest civilizations and has remained a major part of human life since antiquity. However, new studies seem to indicate that society was formed as a result of beer, rather than beer brewing stemming from the birth of society. It’s a “chicken or the egg” question for the thirsty philosopher – which came first?

Beer Packaging – A Wild and Wonderful World

We’ve all heard the expression, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” The same rule holds true in the world of beer. Some of the best beers can come out of some of the most unassuming (or downright bad) packaging materials. However, some of the world’s big brewers are hoping to change that.

Disney Adds New Beer Offerings

Does the thought of spending days wandering around the various Disneyland theme parks make you want to run away and hide? Well, while there’s little that can be done about the cartoon motif throughout, there are some interesting changes coming to the various menus on offer with the area’s eateries. Two of the most significant changes include a wider range of decent food options and the appearance of more beer choices.

Sam Adams Utopias – The Extreme Beer Lineup

Few craft breweries can match the reputation and market share of Sam Adams (Boston Beer Co.). Sam Adams regularly puts out a range of standard and seasonal beers that are popular with almost everyone, regardless of their stance on the “craft beer” world.

Budweiser and Reality TV?

Love it or hate it, it seems that reality TV is here to stay. With more and more reality TV shows in the works, TV viewers are more than likely to encounter something that they can enjoy. However, the recent news that Budweiser is getting into the reality TV act seems a bit strange.

New York Hops – Local Sourcing Rises Again

Once upon a time, New York produced some of the best hops in North America. However, pestilence and Prohibition took their toll and New York hops died out quite some time ago. This has had a direct impact on the craft brewing scene in New York State.

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