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Is it All About the Brand When it Comes to Wine?

Searching for wine by brand name is a common way used by wine consumers. Many wineries make a lot of wine that is not used for their own labels. There is also the common use of what are called trade names which are used by wineries for what is called their second label.

How to Learn Easy Wine Making

You can easily make wine at home with the various foods which you have around the kitchen. There is a need to go through the recipes, follow the instructions and easy wine making tips to make wine at home.

Wines From Spain

When it comes to wine producing powerhouses around the globe, Spain is one of the top three producers in the world. With nearly 3 million acres of land devoted to grape plants, this European country has more wine producing land than any other nation in the world.

Remove the Alcohol in Wine and Lose the Flavour

Removing the alcohol from wine by artificial means will result in an insipid, characterless liquid which masquerades as a wine. Why is it being done?

The Major Health Benefits of Drinking Red Wine on a Moderate Basis

If you enjoy drinking alcohol now and then, you should think about drinking more wine than other types due to its proven health benefits. Basically red wine is a great source of phytochemicals usually found in plants. One of the most known such chemical is resveratrol, which I’m sure you’ve already heard of at least in passing.

Making Wine Kits – A Quick Guide

Those who have thoughts of making wine in their own home will often start by looking to purchase a wine making kit. Here is a very brief guide outlining what you should be aware of.

Authentic Hungarian Red Wine For Some Great Taste

When it comes to European wines, most people immediately think of France, Italy, Portugal and Spain. However Hungary has some great wineries with a tradition going back centuries. While it might not be an actual business, it is a way of life for Hungarians to make wine at home.

Ice Wine (Eiswein) Is Natural Perfection

This form of a sweet wine is very rare and difficult to produce. Weather conditions have to be right and grapes have to be right, so when both are, ice wine is one of nature’s joys.

Recipes For Making Wine

When you are done with making wine from other people’s recipe, the time has come for you to develop your very own recipe. There are many advantages to developing your own recipe. Well, number one, you don’t have to look around for the recipe, and it’s yours.

Wines From South Africa

Wine production in South Africa began in 1659, and over time, they’ve produced some of the greatest wines in the world. South Africa has several interesting distinctions for some of the wines grown within its borders. Around sixty regions have been granted the right to use the “Wind of Origin” title.

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