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From Santa Barbara to Sonoma County, from Paso Robles to the Napa Valley, host Michael Fagan leads you on a journey throughout historic California Wine Country. Discover how geography, climate and winemaking skill come together to forge distinctive wine styles in some of California’s finest wine producing regions – and meet the people behind the label. This episode of Discover is your guide to understanding the inimitable character that defines California wine and food.
Produced in 2009

Chandeliers and Champagne and the Ever Popular 3 Buck Chuck

It is interesting that, no matter who they may be, and whatever is going on, people worldwide love a bargain. Even those in the champagne and chandelier crowd are no exception. The idea of getting something at a less expensive price seems to appeal to most people.

The Health Advantages of Drinking Wine

One of the questions asked most frequently by my patients is whether wine is good for them. There is much controversy surrounding this subject lately and this is why. While research supports the benefits of drinking wine, particularly red, it also points out that heavy drinking will conversely be detrimental.

5 Tips For Finding the Best Inexpensive Wines

In this article you will learn how to easily find good and cheap wines on a consistent basis. You will soon find out how easy it is to find an affordable wine when you know what to look for.

Whisky Regions of Scotland

Just as France has its wine regions, Scotland has its whisky regions. Each one produces whiskies of various qualities which, even to the novice, are noticeable in taste, colour and aroma. Every distillery in Scotland has its own story to tell and peculiar traditions, adding to the romance and mystique of Scotch whisky distilling. A visit to a whisky distillery is an unforgettable and unique experience, and no matter where you are in Scotland there will be a distillery nearby. A trip round Scotland isn’t possible for everyone, so it helps to be informed about the characteristics of each region’s whisky, and tailor visiting distilleries to individual taste.

Home Brewery

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own bar or pub? Well how about something a little smaller and maybe build your own home brewery. Now I am not talking about some elaborate thing where you employ people and mass produce thousands of kegs of beer, but rather your own small boutique brewery where you brew different types of beer at home for own consumption and also for your family and friends. Of course you can make it as elaborate as you like.

Mr Beer Review – Good Beginner Brewing Kit

So you want to brew your own beer? It’s easier than you think with a Mr. Beer home brewing kit. A Mr. Beer Brewing System is a great way to get your feet wet, and learn the basics of the home brewing process.

Wine Refrigerator Options For Energy Savings

Purchasing a wine refrigerator with energy savings features is a smart choice! Thermoelectric wine coolers offer an eco-friendly option for anyone who wants to realize lower energy bills.

Fairtrade Wine – What’s it All About?

The main objective of Fairtrade is to increase the incomes of producers. But does the system mean that the products are any good or more expensive? See how wines are faring under Fairtrade.

What is Goat Scrotum Ale

To start with, it has an rather unappetizing name and it has nothing to do with goats or their body parts. It is a dark Ale, aka (beer), and it was first offered in the 1800’s. Once you have your first sip, this may just become your new favorite Ale to drink. The color is rich mahogany with a very creamy head. There is also a hint of chocolate in the aroma, yet it’s spicy.

Your Wine Creation Process, Step by Step

As you get on with your wine creation process there might come a instant when you have a batch of fruit which you think would make a superb batch of wine. If you don’t have a formula on hand you might be tempted to begin applying various things together and creating your very own wine recipe.

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