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What wine is to France, beer is to Belgium. Join host Michael Fagan as he discovers a world of beers that is all about styles, tradition and innovation. Relax at a café, learn how to pour the perfect glass, explore the range of flavours and immerse yourself in a beer lovers paradise. Produced in 2000

Rare and Exclusive Vintage Champagne

1982 Dom Perignon Champagne – Moet & Chandon wines are produced by a team of some ten oenologists, each with complementary experience acquired in a range of wine-growing regions around the world. The driving forces behind the team are its shared expertise, its combined sensitivities and its ongoing commitment to keeping abreast with trends, in particular through traveling and meeting with fellow wine experts. The Chef de Cave, who leads the team, must ensure one all-important objective is achieved: producing Complete, Well-rounded and Radiant wines.

A Short History of the Malbec Wine Grape

Malbec is a real niche wine grape having a cult following among wine lovers. It’s a beautiful grape to grow and work with and definitely deserves a wider following.

Will the Real Zinfandel Please Rise

Red Zinfandels are a wine to be reckoned with. This blazing red is saddled up for robust ride.

A Short History of the Riesling Wine Grape

Riesling is another variety that dips in and out of fashion all the time. Rieslings range from bone dry to sweet and sticky. But they are all beautiful wines that fill the tongue and cleanse the palate. Here’s a short history of the riesling wine grape.

A Short History of the Semillon Wine Grape

Semillon produces a wonderful, crisp white wine with a classic green grass nose. Here’s some history about the grape and where it came from.

Dolcetto Wine

The origins of this black grape are bit nebulous but historical records suggest that it originated in France and migrated as a crop down to Monferrato sometime in the eleventh century. There is also a record of this grape vine being exported from Italy to Great Britain in the 1700s where it was given as a present to royalty.

Wine Shipping in the Late 15th Century

In 1492 the Jews were expelled from Spain. It was one of the most controversial and far-reaching episodes in the whole history of Europe, and one which historians are still wrangling over. But it did not greatly affect Jerez. Thirty aranzadas of sherry vineyards were confiscated from the Jews and given to the Royal Convent of Santo Domingo.

Should You Join a Wine Club?

Are you unsure about which wines to try? Do you stick with the same wine because you are afraid to try other kinds? Would you be happy to have a supply of wine delivered right to your front door?

15th Century Spain and Sherry

In 1380, King Juan I granted the privilege of adding to the town’s name de la Frontera (which it shares with the other nearby frontier towns of Arcos, Castellar, Chiclana, Cortes, Jimena, Moron and Vejer) in honour of the part played by its people in the continuous struggle for power, and Enrique IV (1451-74) gave it the well-earned title, Muy Noble y Muy Leal Ciudad. But during the fourteenth century there was little mention of the vine; one can only read of typhus, plague and war.

Personalized Wine Gifts and Accessories

With wine gifts from the internet, you now have the possibility of applying your or your company’s own touch. With personalized wine gifts, your employees or customers get some unique, which they will enjoy drinking as well. You can buy wine on the internet for very attractive prices and combine it with fun, personal or artistic personalized wine labels.

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