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Explore the region of Beaujolais, and see the stunning range of reds produced from a single grape, gamay. Beaujolais Nouveau may have captured the world’s attention, but you haven’t fully experienced this region’s bounty until you’ve sampled the treasures of the Cru Beaujolais.

Where Does the Wine Barrel Oak Come From?

Oak in wine is one of things we take for granted. But where does the oak come from and how does it affect the wine?

Wine Coasters – A Short History

Wine coasters and decanter stands first became a popular item on the dining table in the eighteenth century. Early examples were often wheeled so that they could be moved, but later a baize cloth was added to the flat bottom of the wine holder so that it could be slid, or ‘coasted’ across the surface of the polished table.

Handmade Wine Glasses

One might wonder whether handmade wine glasses have any market in today’s hi-tech world where machine made wine glasses are preferred for its craftsmanship and excellent finish. In reality, handmade wine glasses are still desired by many customers owing to its unique design and the personal touch that it offers.

Sherry Or Jerez?

It was the Phoenicians who introduced Sherry to the Iberian Peninsula, and the Romans were only too happy to carry on the tradition. Even the Moors, who generally abstained from alcohol, used it for medicinal purposes.

Homemade Wine Secrets

There are 3 “insider secrets” to making homemade wine. Do you know what they are? This article describes these secrets and explains each step to making sure your wine turns out perfect every time.

A Short History of the Viognier Wine Grape

Viognier is one of the old world wine grapes that’s booming once again. It nearly died out, but now it’s back with a vengeance. Read on for the fascinating history of this wine grape.

A Short History of the Muscat Wine Grape

Right after Port, Muscat is probably the best known sweet fortified wine. Here’s a short history of the Muscat wine grape.

Throw a Wine Tasting Party

Tired of the same old parties? Entertaining becoming a drag? Try throwing a wine tasting party. We threw our first one a few years ago, and it was a hit. We now have guests asking us throughout the year when the next “annual” wine tasting will be.

Why Not Try a Sparkling Rose Wine?

Wine is probably the best social drink man has ever known. It comes in hoards of varieties and peculiarly, the classification is generally based on the area in which wine is grown. The classification is required because the number of types is just so mind boggling that the entire industry would be disarrayed if a standard classification system is not in use.

Wine UK – Right Wine in the Right Place

During the past 50 years United Kingdom has transformed itself and evolved as a great place for tourism. Although UK is not one of the top produces of wine, wine in UK is considered as one of the finest in the world. It was in 1824 when The Wine and Spirits Trade Association (WSTA) for the betterment of this fraternity.

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