Del Dotto Vineyards – A view of the Estate & Caves

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This is a short video clip of Del Dotto Estate & Caves in Napa Valley. Del Dotto is world renowned for thier exclusive barrel tasting & tour. The Estate property is located in Rutherford off of highway 29.

Advice On Buying A Wine Gift Basket For A Wine Lover

For welcoming new neighbors or clients or for get-well wishes, a wine gift basket can offer a distinctive offering far different from traditional fruit baskets or bouquets of flowers. They can be purchased through may outlets, even online, or they can be made up by the giver to include the favorite wine of the recipient along with their favorite snacks to complement the wine being offered.

Wine Club Memberships Are Excellent Gifts for Others or Yourself

Many people enjoy a good glass of wine either with their dinner or just as a means to relax in the evening after a long day’s work. For some, drinking a glass of wine is a recreational hobby. They enjoy trying various types of wines and are willing to search for the very best wines within their budget. What better gift to give a person who is a true fan of wine than a membership to a wine club?

Shedding Tiers – The Myth of the Three Tier System

In the battle over direct shipping of wine, the sanctity of the three-tier system stands out as one of the primary arguments for curtailing the marketing options of small wineries. But behind the scenes, the controversy is actually being driven by the interplay of several factors: the entrenched economic interests of the wholesale tier,an antiquated regulatory system designed to solve problems long gone, and shrinking access to the marketplace for small producers due to consolidation. This article exposes many of the myths surrounding the three-tier system.

Eight Steps to Making Your Own Wine

There are eight steps you need to follow when making your own wine. This article provides a brief overview of each of these steps to help get you acquainted to what it takes to create your personal vintage.

Dandelion Wine – Made From A Single Weed Petal

Dandelions have long been providing health benefits to humans. The plant has been grown for tea, herbs and food. While the Americans regard them as useless weeds and communally use a huge amount of money and time to wipe them out, several North Indian tribes have customarily used the plant for medicine and food.

Essential Wine Accessories

Some wine accessories are cheap and affordable, made for usability and practicality. But there are also luxurious versions of these wine accessories intended for the rich. They can be used at home or given as gifts.

The Quotes of Wine

Wine quotes, like grapes themselves, tend to come in bunches. From those who’ve sipped a bottle of Riesling and claimed, “That’s the best wine I’ve ever had,” to those who, after a wild night, spend their morning assuring that they will “never drink again,” quotes are part of wine culture. The famous and not so famous alike have uttered them. But, not surprisingly, it’s only the famous that get theirs in print.

Grape Vineyard – Fine Wines Start With Fine Grapes

Starting a grape vineyard entails a simple yet careful planning and process. Vineyards are cultivated areas of vines that bear grape fruits grown largely for making wines; yet also are cultivated to produce table grapes, raisins and other non-alcoholic grape fruit drink. The science, study, and practice of growing grape vineyard are named as viticulture.

New Techniques in Developing a Vineyard

A vineyard is a plantation of grape bearing vines. Usually, vineyards are developed for winemaking. However, they are also used for the production of raisins, table grapes and non-alcoholic grape juice.

Characteristics and Disadvantages of Using Cooking Wine

Cooking wines or cooking sherries are inexpensive. They are used as one of the main ingredients in cooking food. Cooking wines are synonymous with salt as a preservative, flavor enhancer and food coloring.

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