Credaro Wines: Paying Homage to the Hard Work of Previous Generations

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Credaro Wines owns 140 hectares of vines over seven separate vineyards across the Margaret River region and is managed by the third and fourth generations of the Credaro family. “Being a vigneron has been a strong part of the Credaro Family culture over the four generations, and especially since 1988,” says Matt Credaro, part of the fourth generation.

Natural Cork, Screw Caps, Plastic Plugs Research At UC Davis To Prove What?

Love research, but if it isn’t broke then why research it? I am talking about research underway at UC Davis to tell us if screw capped wine is as good as natural corked wine. As we all know, screw caps are threaded aluminum and a plastic ringed insert in the top of the closure. Natural cork is made by God: don’t argue with God. Guess I gave myself away, huh? But, PumpJack is sacrificing 600 bottles of their Sauvignon Blanc for science. PlumpJack, if I do some research for you, please give me 600 bottle of wine!

Nine Reasons To Pop The Cork on a Bottle of Champagne!

Champagne is one of the most amazing beverages on the planet, as are other sparkling wines. Some folks drink these sparklers regularly, although far too many people think this wine is only for celebrations and they couldn’t be more wrong. There are plenty of great reasons to drink this tasty beverage, and here are 9 good reasons to pop the cork on a bottle of Champagne!

Some Wineries Have Historic Value and Deserve To Be Honored

Historic significance is still important to the oldest California commercial winery started in 1858. Forget for the moment that they still produce wine, Buena Vista Winery has a history to discover, even if you do not like wine. Restorations are expensive when working on designated historic sites so we need to respect people willing to put out the resources to bring things back to working order.

Why I Do Not Buy Wine As a Financial Investment

I am not a wine expert, but I know a thing or two about investing. I’ll try to give my 2 cents worth of advice when it comes to investing in fine wine as a financial investment, not an investment in future drinking.

How to Open Christmas Champagne

Celebrating Christmas with a glass of bubbly this year? Want to ensure a flawless toast? There’s a knack to popping Champagne. Read on and all will become clear…

The Lowly Wine Bottle Doesn’t Get Respect

There are many things about wine that are not known; everything from corks, labels and the wine bottle itself. If you like history it can be an interesting story. If you are into economics it is interesting to note that this item in winery operations is one of the top 5 budget items-after the fruit, property and facilities and payroll. Glass is not just glass-size, color, shape, closure design, weight. Read the story of the glass wine bottle.

The World’s Only 7 Trappist Beers

Trappist beers are generally considered to be amongst the best beers in the world. One of them, Westvleteren 12 is even generally considered to be THE best beer in the world. But what exactly are Trappist beers and what makes them stand out from the rest?

To Pinot Gris or Pinot Grigio? That Is the Question

Pinot Gris or Pinot Grigio – is there a difference between these popular white wines? The truth is that these are two different types of wine made from the same grape, and it’s easy to get confused. Which is better? Why? And what should you look out for when choosing your perfect Pinot?

The Basics in Wine Aging

Aging wine is an art and a science, with a long history that wine lovers and connoisseurs alike have enjoyed for centuries. No better feeling can compare than turning a young, vibrant wine into a mature classic for you to enjoy.

5 Things I Look for In a Good Bottle of Wine

There are many things that make a bottle of wine a great bottle of wine. However, it is these five (5) components stand out the most for me. See if you agree.

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