Coquerel Wines: Old World Style in Your Glass

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Two lifelong wine lovers, a Napa vineyard, and a French
winemaking artiste are the stars of Coquerel Wines.French Winemaker Christine Barbe handcrafts Coquerel wines
in an Old World-style. Learn more about this winery:

Which Food to Order With Red Wine?

When you’re new to drinking wines, you’d most probably wonder which food to order with red wine when you’re in a restaurant. Or which red wine should you buy if you want to serve certain dishes? To make it even more complicated, there is quite a number of red wines that you need to choose from in restaurants or in wine shops.

The Four Enemies of Wine

Having a love of good wine can be an expensive passion, with costs per bottle reaching astonishing heights. As wine matures over time, its value can soar, so it pays to invest in a means of protecting prized bottles from the fabled four enemies of wine – heat, light, humidity and vibration.

Buy Wines Online – Essential Pointers for Web

Wine online sales are gaining popularity given the selections and conveniences it offers. The article below provides a brief discussion on what prospective buyers should answer as they purchase selections via the web.

What Is The Correct Temperature For Your Wine Cellar?

Some things just get better with age and fine wine is one of them. Red wines tend get more mellow and taste richer as they get older. However, in order for this to happen, these wines must be properly stored.

Tips for Pairing Food With Wine

Finding the right combination of wine and food can bring about a more satisfying and tasteful way to enjoy a meal. But understanding what combination of wine and food, as well as knowing the type of wine and when to serve it can be somewhat daunting given the wide variety of possibilities present. What follows are simple examples of how to incorporate wine tasting, the time of the meal and which combination works best when you have guest over or just want to create the perfect evening for two.

Types of Grapes Used for Warm Climate Wineries

There is a lot to know about grapes if you want to know all about wine. Grapes are the largest fruit crop on our planet. Grapes are the main fruit used in making wine.

Riedel O Series Wine Glasses – Stemless Wine Glasses at Their Best!

I was sitting at a new bar here in South Florida recently, and as I was looking around at the fairly young, hip and predominantly professional-looking crowd (used to be called yuppies… is there a more current word for young, upwardly mobile professionals?), along with the modern, equally hip design and decor of the place, I noticed that the crystal stemware they were serving their wine in was not stemware at all… it was the increasingly popular and trendy stemless wine glass, or wine tumbler.

Wine Tasting For Groups Of 10 Or More

One of the great things about wine tasting events is that they can be done with just a couple of friends and a few bottles of wine, or on a grander scale, which usually means groups of 10 or more. While the basic set-up and scenarios are the same no matter the group size, there are some subtle differences when it comes to those larger groups. If you are one of those who are quite content to have a wine tasting with a few friends, then you probably already know what to do, but if you are looking to scale…

Five Top Tips for Wine Tasting With New Clients

For most people, wine tasting is nothing more than a hobby, but it is one that can be used to lure new clients to your business, or even turn the act of wine tasting into a business in its own right. In order to do either of those, there are a few definite things that will help make those potential new clients sign on the dotted line, or get them to buy the wines that you are putting on display for the tasting. It would be easy to go into great detail about all the tiny steps you should take…

Characteristics to Look for When Tasting Champagne

It has become a tradition in many social gatherings to celebrate any special occasion by drinking that aristocrat of bubbles – champagne. Champagne, as we know and love it, comes exclusively from the Champagne region of France. This wine has evolved from being a pale, pinkish still wine to the sparkling wine that we now call champagne.

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