Colors of Wine Explained – Red & Rosé

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Episode #8 Part 1 of Julien’s Wine School where Julien explains what gives its colors to wine, where do these red, white, and rosé hues come from depending on the different wine styles, their origin in the grapes, the winemaking and their evolution during ageing.

My complete guide to the many colors and terminology (names) of wines in all hues on my blog Social Vignerons with color variation infographics:

As a qualified winemaker, I made the research into the science of wine (enology) to find out and clear things up once and for all about the chemical and scientific origin of the color of white, rosé and red wines, the anthocyanins and tannins and more.

Check out part 1 where I looked at the color of whites:

Also, see Julien’s Wine School Episode 1 where I discuss why it is important to observe the appearance (sight) of you vino before tasting:

See you soon again in the wonderful world of wine.


The Allure of Viognier

Viognier is the best kept secret in the wine world, but it is experiencing an identity crisis much like Sauvignon Blanc in how it is different any where it is planted around the world. The grape is a shy and unreliable producer, which is one of the reasons it has not achieved more commercial success. An example of its similarity to Sauvignon Blanc is how some Viognier is stainless steel fermented and bottled without oak influence.

Wine Labels – Judging a Bottle by Its Cover

Every time I wander up and down the aisles of my local wine store or grocery store, I notice more and more wine bottles that are using inventive labeling. I know we’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but what about judging wine by its label?

Buying Vintage Port at Auction

If you like old vintage ports then go to auctions, have a bit and snap up a bargain or two. Unlike wine you are much less likely to get a bottle in poor condition or corked so indulge your passion and get bidding!

Tips on Wine Glasses

Drinks served for their corresponding drinking vessels will not only reflect the clarity of the quality of the beverage, but will as will depict some taste and style in the choice of the drinks. When serving wine, it is always good to ensure that you do so in the correct choice of wine glasses, which will be dictated upon by the the brand of the drink that you are serving.

A Guide to Oakville Wineries

When visiting Oakville, you will notice there are a number of wineries worth visiting. Depending on the types of wines that interest you, you may discover that some wineries are more appealing to you than others. Continue below.

Tips to Prevent Wine From Spoiling

Wine may have an acquired taste but their some cases where the wine tastes really bad as it might have been spoiled. The wine can get spoiled when it has not been properly stored or it has not been bottled properly.

Italian Wine

If there is one thing that is rarely overlooked in a fine eatery, it is Italian wine. Italians have been making wine for hundreds of years, and it seems to be something that they take pride in more than just about anything else.

Mistakes to Avoid When Making Homemade Wine

Mistakes you should avoid when making homemade wine. Does your wine smell? Did it turn to vinegar? Here are some tips to help you successfully make a fine batch of wine…

The Various Flavors of Cabernet Sauvignon

The green bell pepper flavor of Cabernet Sauvignon is caused by the presence of pyrazines in the grapes. It is more predominant in wines made from unripened grapes. As the grapes ripen on the vine, exposure to sunlight destroys most of the pyrazines and this is difficult in cooler climates. The flavor of green bell pepper is not a fault in the wine. It just means that this taste may not be acceptable to all wine drinkers.

Why Wine Clubs Adore the Italian Wine Region of Veneto

The beautiful and historic Veneto winemaking region of Italy remains a favorite of wine clubs and wine connoisseurs. This article provides a look at the Veneto wine region, showing why many wine of the month club members adore these wines.

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