Cobblestone Vineyards: Handcrafting Age-worthy Atlas Peak Cabernet

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Planted in 1997, Cobblestone’s 25-acre Atlas Peak estate supplies all the fruit for Cobblestone Cabernet. Taste their Cab with our Aged Cabernet Series wine club. Learn more about this winery and our featured wine:

The Health Benefits of Wine – Why Organic Wines Are So Much Better

But are some wines better for your health than others? Well, yes and no. No one wine is better for your health than another one, but some can be harmful in the same time! Conventional wines can contain pesticide and herbicide residues, which can in fact damage your body.

What Are the Different Cork Options to Cork a Wine Bottle?

Different wines require different corks and there are several different options available, ranging from synthetic (plastic) to natural corks, but it is difficult to decide which is the most appropriate to use for a particular wine. The key things to analyse is what kind of ageing process (if any) you are hoping to encourage in the bottle, how important is the appearance of the cork and the mechanical reliability and how much would you like to spend.

A Guide To Port

Port, the smooth, opulent and rich dessert wine from Portugal, has been captivating dedicated fans for nearly 300 years. It has the distinction of most certainly being the world’s first bottled “vintage” wine (1775), the first demarcated wine area sanctioned by the government (1678) and without doubt the most widely recognized wine uncovered by accident.

Buying Champagne for a Party

Champagne is a wonderful party drink, whether it is for a celebration, a simple gathering of friends, or even a dinner party. In fact Champagne is exceptionally food friendly and goes very well with an enormous number of foods like seafood, chicken, quiche and other egg dishes, hard cheeses, and much more. However it is on the expensive side and if you are buying more than a bottle or two it is worth doing some research.

Custom Wine Labels Give Your Special Events a Personal Touch

Whether you are planning a wedding, an annual meeting or a retirement party custom wine labels help make it special. Read on for more ideas.

The Delicious Gift of Wine of the Month Clubs!

Wine of the Month Clubs are a great gift idea for a unique and delicious present that keeps on giving even after the holidays are over. Wine making is an art and beloved craft and meant to be shared with loved ones. Wine is enjoyed by both men and women, and a popular beverage for entertaining, holiday celebrations, dinner pairings, or a relaxing evening at home.

Big Beer Goes African

Africa is the second largest continent on the planet, and is also the second most populous, coming in second behind Asia. However, it’s also the least developed and the least invaded by mega-corporations. There are still many African tribes that live the same way their ancestors did for thousands of years before, including the way they brew their beer.

The Amazing Hops Plant and Its Health Benefits

Beer is brewed using only a few ingredients. Water, yeast, malt and hops form the core of all beer varieties. Beer has also long been known to provide health benefits (which are now being borne out by the medical community).

Thinking Inside the Recycled Box

A few questions come to mind when we are considering purchasing boxed or bottled wine. Which method of wine packaging is greener? How does the quality of the wine compare?

The Fine Art of Tasting Wine

Nowadays wine tasting has become more of an art, an art that is used to distinguish the taste of fine wines. Wine tasters follow some general guidelines and rules that judge how great a wine is. Read and fine out what they are.

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