Cloisonné Wines: A Discovery for You from The California Wine Club

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The term Cloisonné relates to the art of blending bronze, enamel and painting techniques to create elaborate decorations. With Cloisonné Wines, Founder/Winemaker David Rossi crafts gems that reflect that artistry, displaying character, nuance and a sense of place.

My 5 Favorite Red Wines Under $20

Some of the most expensive wines in the world are red wines. Still, there are many delicious affordable choices. Don’t break the bank until you do a little research.

The Art of Cocktail Shaking and How to Use a Cocktail Shaker

Anyone who chooses bartending as their profession should consider mastering the art of cocktail making. Cocktail bartenders are well-respected, admired and often considered to be fun individuals. But most importantly, one of the benefits of becoming a cocktail bartender is receiving huge tips and earning more money.

The Cost of High-End Wine Packaging

We all know that packaging is an important component in product marketing. Quality packaging is noticed on the shelf and is proven to draw attention to the attributes of the product. High-end wine’s use packaging to invite trails. After the trial however, quality must be in the product. From glass to labels, to filling the bottles with the precious nectar, a high end packaging approach can cost $20 per bottle. The point is, most people approach packaging with an eye toward the low end, here the look is at the high end.

The Crystal Wine Glass: Six Important Features to Look for in the Perfect Wine Glass

What a difference a glass makes! If you are drinking wine at a college frat party or on an airplane the quality of your wine glass is not an issue. However, when you expect an excellent experience both aesthetically and in taste, these six features of the perfect wine glass will be very important to you.

About Liquor Storage

Liquor storage can confuse typical wine buyers. Unless you are a wine addict, storing alcoholic mixes can be an issue, and many people don’t do it right. Liquor in a sealed bottle may not become rotten, but it should be stored properly.

My 5 Favorite White Wines Under $20

You don’t have to spend a fortune for good wine. Here are some suggestions, from dry to off-dry, for delicious, affordable wines.

Why You Should Hire A Mixologist

Mixology, Bar Chef, Bar Consultant, Restaurant, Bars, Lounges. This article will showcase the need to have a grade A beverage program only to be created by a Mixologist.

Hanging Wine Racks

Wine racks are used for proper storage of wine bottle in dining rooms and kitchens in a house. However, they are also used extensively in bars and hotels. There are a wide variety of wine rack models you can choose from and these racks come with various capacities as well.

How To Get Good Recommendations From Your Bartender

When ordering wine to accompany a meal, it can be easy to get a good recommendation from your server. They should know what options on the wine menu pair best with the dishes on the menu. But when you are sitting at a wine bar and enjoying a casual glass it can be a bit more difficult. Most often, we look over the range of wines available, and choose something we know.

The Best Australian Wine From Top-Notch Winemakers

Do you plan to buy wine online sometime soon? This article discusses the two different varieties and provides some insight about the two most popular types – Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay.

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