Clinking Wine Glasses? Here’s The Proper Technique!

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The secret to clinking wine glasses to get the best sound it to go bowl-to-bowl NOT rim-to-rim. The reason why you want to clink glassware like this is because it’s more stable in the bowl and is less likely to break!

Just a friendly wine smart PSA from Wine Folly 🙂

How To Reduce Foam From 5 Liter Mini Beer Kegs

A big complaint with mini kegs, since they have been gaining in popularity, is the amount of foam you get with each pour. When you read reviews if mini keg dispensers on Amazon they are riddled with this same complaint. In this post I hope to clarify the process of pouring beer from a mini keg to reduce excess foaming.

Beer Mugs: The Perfect Birthday Gift

Picking birthday gifts can be tough, especially for men. When it comes to picking the perfect birthday gift one thing to keep in mind are the interests and loves of the recipient. Before you choose any type of birthday gift keep his interests in mind. No matter if you’re buying for your husband, brother, boyfriend, or a family friend, one gift that all men love is beer mugs. Even if he isn’t keen on drinking, beer mugs can be practical for use but can also be sentimental and a true birthday keepsake.

Champagne Facts

This enjoyable drink which we open when we spend our very great vacations with our families, has verified not only to be appreciated for it, but also may provide a convenient health status because of its innovative properties observed by research workers at a College. Champagne is not only for sipping this New Year’s Eve!

Red Wine: To Be Or Not To Be?

Red wine may be eligible to help people avoid blood clots and reduce blood vessel damage as a result from fat deposits. Concurrently speaking, studies have made it clear that residents from the Mediterranean area who drink this sort of wine frequently have a lower risk for heart disease.

Get Built in Wine Coolers

If you are serious about wines or merely planning to get serious about wines, you know how important temperature is to the well-being of your chosen bottles. You spend so much time and money collecting the wines that you may do them a disservice if you fail to store them properly. Besides, how will you get them to age well if they are not stored properly?

Make Wine

Have you ever thought of perhaps making your own wine? It can be pretty exciting to see how well your finished product tastes. If you have given some though to it and are wondering how to go about making wine, there is one resource that you may utilize. You can find homemade wine recipes on the internet; it is easy enough to do so.

Wine Cellars and Coolers

The term wine cellar and wine cooler are very often interchanged. You may be doing and not even realizing that you are and also not be aware of the difference. Well, now be informed that the difference between the wine cooler and the wine cellar is huge although to be sure, they have something to do with storing wine.

The History Of Indian Pale Ales

IPAs are one of the world’s most popular beer styles but what is the history behind this endearing craft brew? And what’s on the cards for this enduring beer style in a 21st century world?

Wine Storage – What You Don’t Know Can Ruin Fine Wines

Knowing the basics of how to properly store your wine is critical to enjoying it, regardless or whether your preference is for red, white or sparkling wines. If you’re not careful about the way you store it and you simply leave it atop your fridge for a year or more, you may be in for an unpleasant surprise when that special day comes to open and enjoy it. Even though wines are perishable, if you know how and what do to with regards to storing it, you can actually help to enhance its’ quality over time, improving everything from…

Wine Racking Storage Tips

In order for wine to taste great and be enjoyable, you’ll need to have the right humidity, temperature, light condition and maturity to name a few. But most importantly the proper wine rack. There is nothing better than a nice wine rack to compliment the wine as the centerpiece for a topic of conversation. When you choose your wine rack, you should choose one that will store your wine properly while at the same time, a style that fits your decor or taste.

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