Christmas FOOD and WINE – Pairing suggestions for Christmas

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Christmas Food and Wine – Pairing suggestions for Christmas

In this video I talk about the foods we eat at Christmas and some wine suggestions for pairing.

With so many foods on the table, what do you pair with Turkey or Goose?
What pairs well with Fish?
What should I drink with dessert?

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The Common Types of Red Wine

Getting some basic wine 411 is not hard and all you need is some dedication and some time investment. Here are some tips to select the perfect wine for you!

Storing Wine – Getting the Temperature Right

One of the commonest things that surface when the topic of wine storage is in discussion has to be the temperature. It’s not rocket science but serving wine chilled to the perfect temperature can surprisingly increase its value.

Consider Making Your Own Wine

Bottles of wine are readily available in all liquor stores and the average price is usually anywhere from $10-$20. In today’s harsh times, however more and more people are looking into cheaper but high quality solutions.

A Glass of Wine a Day Keeps the Doc Away

Drinking of wine has been for long associated with health benefits that cannot be delivered by any other alcoholic beverage. Beer causes all kinds of health problems and is simply bad news for your liver and your stomach. Brandy is just as bad, but wine, wine is the exact opposite. It will actually protect you from some of the ailments that you are predisposed to.

About Wine and Food Combos

If you are the outgoing kind of person, or generally like reading magazines, you have probably come across the many reviews about hotels and the kind of wine that they offer. Or you could be going through a cookbook and in the extras, there is a specific kind of wine that is said to go down well with the indicated meal. But at one point you may get to wonder, what about these food-wine combos, are they for real?

Red Wine – A French Treat

Out of the three kinds of wine available- red, white and rose- red wine is among the most common. It’s not a coincidence there are very good reasons behind it.

Beer Brewing Supplies – The “Beer” Essentials

People say that beer making can be a burden but I beg to differ. As long as you have the right beer brewing supplies and as long as you have the interest, you could do it easily. Well, perhaps not SO easily but still you could do it, and do it well.

Beer Brewing Equipment – Not Much Ado About It

Beer brewing equipment of huge breweries may be very costly, be very complicated, and may look intimidating. But even as huge quantities of beer pour out from them every minute, many of these companies had started out with home made beer.

The Advantages of Home Made Beer You Never Knew Before

Since home made beer allows for flexibility you can explore, it is most certain that the end product would hit your taste buds the way you would like it. As what beer bloggers crave about home made beers, you could create a full-bodied beer with your home brew unlike big breweries which have to keep down costs.

Beer Making Supply – The Two Cents on Great Tasting Beer

You can buy equipments and beer making supply, store them at home and concoct your own product. Sometimes it is not necessary to buy beer from some store to have that bitter sweet tang in your mouth. When the urge to drink beer comes up, you can then go straight to your beer cabinet or your fridge and drink all the beer you want without worrying about the cost of your drinking behavior.

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