CHOCOLATE WINE – Tasting Chocolate infused wine. Heaven or HELL???

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In this video I try ‘Chocolate Shop’, a chocolate infused wine with some interesting results.

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Make Money Drinking Beer

Making money drinking beer is the highest form of fantasy anyone can ever fathom. We are in the 21st century and fantasy is a reality in this modern day and age. Yes folks, you can love your beer and make money simultaneously.

What a Bottle of Alcohol Has Inside it?

What a bottle of Alcohol has inside it is really interesting. I have always wondered what can be in this type of liquid that can be very harmful. Well, there are many ingredients in alcohol.

Making Wine That’s Truly Special

I presume that most of you will think of grapes when you think of wine. After all, it is the most widely used fruit in making wine. In fact, from grapes come the three most popular kinds of wine — Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Carignan. But are you aware that aside from these three kinds, there are still numerous types out there that you can readily have for your own use? And I’m not just talking about the various kinds of grape wines but there are other sources as well… not just grapes.

What is Margaux Wine?

It is with a happy note that I share with you where it came from. It was made all the way up north, a region that is a far cry from its friendly neighbors, Haut-Medoc. Margaux gives high esteem to its marshlands, though they only have a few, since it is home to the name-sharing premier cru, at the south of St. Julien. Margaux wine is very distinct and has a very unique taste from those of the Bordeaux most probably because of the very obvious geographical distance it has from its neighboring regions.

Wine and Beverage Cooler – Choose a Wine Cooling Unit That Does More

For many wine lovers, storing their wines and drinking them at temperatures that are not ideal is not an option. An improperly stored bottle produces greatly reduces the quality and taste. However, not many of us can afford to build a whole wine cellar in our homes, nor do most of us have the space required.

Wine Cellar Refrigeration Issues

All wine lovers would love to have a real wine cellar in their homes to properly store their wines and to display them in style. However, the cost to build one is high, as is the cost to maintain them. Most of the cost and issues are caused by the wine cellar refrigeration.

Wine Cellar Coolers – Things to Know Before You Build

If you are considering building a wine cellar to properly store your wine collection, there are a few things you should consider about wine cellar coolers. These cooling systems are obviously required to keep the room temperature within the wine cellar ideal for the storage of the wine, but installing them and running them poses a few challenges.

The Wine Storage Cooler Solution

Are you tired of drinking your white wine on ice because you don’t room in your fridge for wine bottles or because the fridge makes the wine too cold? Do you like your reds just slightly chilled and wish there was a way to do that without having to make a whole wine cellar? There is a way to properly store your wines at whatever temperature you choose to.

The Perfect Match – Chocolate and Wine

Chocolate has gone a long way from just being a simple treat for kids. It cannot be denied that most people just love it. Whether they prefer that ambrosial dark or a delicate white, they always satisfy the sweet tooth among each person craving for that sweet jolt.

California Wines, Rhone-Style Blends

The California Central Coast AVA is now competing in the world market with award-winning Rhone-style blends; spicy, aromatic and well-structured wines. The terroir of this region is very similar to that of the Rhone River Valley of France, which is their largest and most diversified wine-growing region. The Syrah, Grenache and Mourvedre grapes are the main components of the Rhone-style blends.

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