Chocolate and Wine Pairings

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Join sommelier, Madeline Puckette, as she attempts to make one of the most challenging wine pairings work. If you love wine and chocolate, you’ll want to see this. See the winning pairings here:

The Margaret River Wine Region

If you’re a wine lover, a visit to the Margaret River wine region in Western Australia might be just the thing you’ve been waiting for. With plenty of area vineyards, great wines, and excellent food, the Margaret River region makes an excellent spot for a holiday. Let’s take a look at what you’ll need to know about this wonderful destination.

Sancerre – The Shining Star of the Loire Valley

Why is Sancerre one of the best white wines in the world? What are it’s healing virtues?

Sobering Up – Myth Versus Fact

Alcohol is a common facet of America’s social scene. When drinking, however, it is important to be aware of your level of intoxication. Many people drink socially, and by the time the party’s over and everyone is heading home, they are too intoxicated to drive. A variety of myths about “sobering up” may motivate people to make bad decisions, such as driving while drunk.

Open Up a Bottle of Wine This Valentine’s Day

It’s that time of the year. When love is in the air, expect chocolates, flowers, greeting cards, and, of course, wine to be sold at almost every turn. In fact, many studies have concluded that among the special occasions we celebrate all throughout the year, Valentine’s Day remains to be the day which gives most business establishments a good turn in profits.

Bottling Great Homemade Wine

It has been a year and a couple of months since I started making the demijohn of Shiraz and it was time to bottle the homemade wine. Before the bottling could begin, the wine needed to be filtered. The filter pump I use is made of stainless steel and pumps the wine through six filters at once.

South African Wines

Many people imagine South African wine to be a new product, something that has only been produced for the past hundred years or so. This is a completely false opinion, with South African wine owing itself to Jan van Riebeeck, a Dutch administrator, and founder of Cape Town, which today is the centre of the South African wine industry. The important date, however, is 2 February 1659, in which the first ever recorded wine was produced from South African soil by van Riebeeck himself.

How to Taste Wine – 4 Steps You Need to Know

Do you know that some wine tasters are able to tell what kind of grapes was used to make a wine? What about the regions that it comes from? Yes, professional wine tasters would be able to tell you these things and more just by tasting the wine.

Wine Aerators and Valentine’s Day – The Perfect Combination

You’ve thought about the traditional Valentine’s Day gifts. You’ll probably end up getting a rose or two for your sweetheart, because that’s really expected. However, do you really want to buy that giant box of chocolates or add another stuffed animal to the decor? How about choosing something a little more sophisticated this year? A wine aerator makes a fantastic Valentine’s Day gift idea and it’s less expensive than you might think!

Refresh Yourself With Cocktails!

Cocktails are usually prepared by mixing alcoholic drinks, fruit juices and fruit, but can also be non-alcoholic. I have no doubt that you will very quickly find your favorite cocktail, you’ll be happy to serve your friends.

Fantastic Bottles of Wine in Less Time With Wine Aerators

If you have ever poured a glass of wine straight out of the bottle and it didn’t quite taste right, perhaps the bottle needed to breathe. For aeration to occur properly, you might need to let the bottle breathe for a half hour or longer. However, wine aerators can shorten this time to as long as it takes to pour a glass!

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