Cheese and Wine Pairing Basics With Madeline Puckette

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Why Own a Wine Chiller?

No one wants to open a bottle only to find out that its taste is less than they expected. It could ruin a perfectly good dinner. It might not be the brand that is undesirable but instead, it could be how it was stored.

Entertaining Tips – The Perfect Drink For Outdoor Occasions

Mint Juleps are considered the quintessential cooling drinks associated with the Southern United States. Undoubtedly, there were Mint Juleps at grand plantation estates like Tara in the film, Gone with the Wind and in our imaginations, Juleps are most often enjoyed in the shade of a beautiful, broad leafed Magnolia tree reminiscent of gentler, more opulent times. For outdoor summer entertaining, Juleps served in icy cold cups do still definitely steal the show.

5 Reasons Chianti Classico Makes a Great Wine Gift

Chianti is a well known type of Italian wine, and Chianti Classico is a very specific type within that larger grouping. Here are 5 reasons you should consider giving Chianti Classico in particular as part of a gift wine basket.

Traditional Scottish Whiskey – A Souvenir With History and Taste

Traditional Scots Whiskey is made in Scotland. This is a fantastic way to bring home a traditional souvenir and find enjoyment in it. This beverage has been made for hundreds of years. Even the Ancient Celts worked on distilling and it first started off as the uisge beatha which translates to “water of life”.

Give a Gift of Long Life – Give Wine

Red wine is one of the world’s great health drinks, scientists now tell us. So, you can feel doubly good about giving it to a friend as a gift. It could even help them live longer!

Real Champagne – The 3 Main Reasons Why The Price is High

Why is champagne so much more expensive than other sparkling wines? There are three main reasons for this.

Grape Planting Made Easy

People have been planting grapes for wine for centuries, but today viticulture (which is the cultivation of grape vines) has become quite a science. In fact it is an enviable science which any wine lover will admit.

How to Select the High Quality Red Wines

Now there are many red wines with incredibly deep color, and their color are nearly black instead of red. Usually a red wine’s opaque look indicates that the aromas and flavors of them are as high quality as its color is, and therefore, many people believe that high quality associate with deep color. Although the fact is that deep color is a sign with some good wines, other good wines did not have deep color.

Tips For Buying the Perfect Wine Cooler

If you have a collection of wines in your home or if you plan to have bottles of wine ready for consumption anytime, then, it would be advisable for you to have your own wine cooler. Wine coolers are now more affordable with more and more people viewing them as basic as home or kitchen appliances. With a wine cooler at your kitchen, your bar or even your wine room, you can be always ready to drink properly chilled wines any time of the day.

Pruning Your Grapes Has Never Been So Simple

It takes about two or three seasons for a vineyard – big or small – to establish. During this time you will need to do regular annual grape pruning to train the vines up and along the grape trellis. Pruning your grapes has never been easier, but you do need to follow the correct procedure.

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