Cheap vs Expensive Wine – What You’re Missing

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$7 vs $75 wine taste test – Madeline Puckette slams down the facts (and the wines) and fills up our glasses with sweet berry knowledge. Read more here:

Personalized Beer Coasters – Make Your Brew Stand Out

In this day and age, there are more and more people out there that are choosing to brew their very own beer. If you are one of these people then apart from making the beer, you will know that there are a lot of other things to think about.

Wine Accessories Are a Must For Wine Lovers!

Additionally, wine accessories make great gifts for the casual wine drinker or the serious lover. The very best place to commence your search for wine accessories is the Internet. You can find websites with all of the many assortments and you can also find the best deals!

Beer Keg Issues

Don’t just simply assume that you need to clean the beer lines when you have excessively foamy beer. There are other checks you can perform that might save you a good bit of time.

Celebrating Your Wedding Anniversary With the Perfect Wine

Wedding anniversary is supposed to be a very romantic and sentimental celebration between you and your other half. You would definitely want the celebration to be perfect and one of the ways to add to the romantic atmosphere of the night is to use wine in the celebration. With a great variety of wine available out there, rest assured that you will be able to find something that has great sensual taste that encompasses the flame of love of you two.

The Various Aspects of a Quality Wine – How Do We Define Quality in Wine?

We all have tried and tasted different types and brands of wine and we have immediately made an inner decision to its quality. It was good quality or a bad one, depending on what we felt the moment the wine reached our mouth, our taste buds.

How Do You Define a Bad Wine – 4 Signs That Your Wine is Bad

Everybody is interested in finding good, quality wines, and not many people actually care about a bad wine. They should though if they want to learn what defines a good wine and what makes it good or bad in the first place.

Wine Tasting – Do You Know What Your Wine Tastes Like?

When you are drinking wine, you should not simply drink it. You should taste it and enjoy it fully. I have seen some people simply gulp down the wine and that is simply the wrong way to go about a great wine tasting. You really need to feel the various tastes that different types of wines have.

How Fundamentally Different Old World Wines Are to New World Wines

The subject of wine can be a vast as the universe. There is no shortage to things to talk about; be it the health benefits, the food pairings, the endless variety of grapes, or the new world versus the old world. I have always been asked what the difference between the Old World wines and New World wines were.

Is a Quality Wine One That You Will Actually Enjoy Drinking?

There is a lot of talk about quality wine by people with all levels of experience, however when you ask them what quality wine actually means, most of them will either won’t be able to tell you much, or will blabber around the subject with hot air. However, there will be those few in the know who will give you the right answer. Quality is always in the eyes (or mouths) of the beholder, and having a quality wine doesn’t always automatically equal enjoying that drink.

Skinny Girls Drink Cocktails Too

No matter how much we would like to think cocktails are not such a big diet breaker, they are filled with sugar, fat and calories – the fresh fruit garnish does not make it a healthy option. Depending on the size, a simple pina colada can have anywhere between 650 and 900 calories. We all know the term ‘beer belly’ didn’t come to be because of the slim physique regular beer drinkers are known for.

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