Champagne vs Prosecco

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Learn about the different winemaking methods of Champagne and Prosecco and taste how these affect the resulting wines. A taste comparison of Champagne vs the higher quality tier of Prosecco called Prosecco Superiore.

The Pinot Noir Chronicles, Part 3 – The Adventures of Growing Pinot Noir in the Napa Valley

Spring is the time to check the nutrient health of Pinot Noir leaves and vines here in the Napa Valley. Here’s what we look for and why.

Wine Tasting Tours – Romantic and Cheap Fun

If you have never been on a wine tasting tour, you may want to consider taking one next time you are looking for something to do. Many of the wineries that offer tasting tours do so for free and even when they charge, it is usually a nominal fee. Some wine tasting tours are guided and others are self guided.

Wine Chiller Bucket – Old School Or Stylish? The Truth Inside

The wine chiller bucket, these are standard issue in all romantic movies, and TV shows. You always see the server bring out the champagne, or wine, and put it in one of these things when you want to keep your wine chilled. And after you have read this article, you will realize if they are still old school, or a stylish statement.

Do You Need a Single Bottle Wine Chiller? Take This Quiz to Find Out

Is a single bottle wine chiller the best thing for you? Well, after you answer these couple of questions you will be able to determine that for yourself. This quiz will show you who this chiller is best suited for. To be honest, the answer will probably surprise you.

Marble Wine Chiller Versus Silver Wine Chiller – Which One Should You Own?

There are many types of wine chillers. However, for any dinning experience, only 2 come to mind, the marble wine chiller, and the silver wine chiller. After you have read this article, you will be able to decide on which one to choose from, and which one is best for your tastes.

Rapid Wine Chiller – FAQ That Every Wine Drinker Should Read

Do you have some questions about a rapid wine chiller? Then I have some answers, here is a list of FAQ, that should answer most of your questions. After you have read this FAQ, you will have a better understanding of what these chillers do, and why you should have one if you drink any amount of wine at all.

2 Reasons to Own an Instant Wine Chiller and Why You Shouldn’t Be Without One

Need some more info on an instant wine chiller? Well this article will give you some much needed reasons on why you should have one. And once you finish reading you will have a better understanding as to why these are better than your fridge or freezer, and can be a life saver with last minute guests.

The Goal of Fine Wine Storage, Insurance, and Home Cellaring

Proper wine storage is not a new concept. Since man began making wine, sealed ceramic storage vessels, cool cellars, and caves have been employed to sustain the freshness and longevity of wine. Most wines are made for short term consumption, though the basic precepts of storage and handling still apply.

The Exposed Truth About Ice Wine Chiller Products – Things You Never Knew Before

There is a little known secret behind ice wine chiller products that few people seem to know. After you have read this article, the truth will be fully exposed, and you will understand the purpose of this kind of chiller,why it is used, and if this is the right one for you.

2 Mistakes People Making When Buying an Electric Wine Chiller

When looking for an electric wine chiller there 2 mistakes that people make when choosing one. After you have read this article, you will be able to avoid these mistakes, and pick the right one that is best suited for you, both in size, and function.

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