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In this video, I attempt Sabrage, the art of removing a champagne cork with a knife or saber.

The noble art of Sabrage was an outlandish tactic first employed by Napoleon’s cavalry. Two hundred years ago, dashing young cavalry officers in the French Army would slice the cork off the Champagne bottle with the sabre, rather than put themselves to the effort of removing the wire basket and easing the cork out.

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Wine Regions

Wine has a history that’s older than the Bible and more complex than quantum physics, and the unique taste of wines from different regions experts constantly smiling – and it’s not just because of the alcohol content. Let us go continent by continent. In Africa, many regions in Algeria, Cape Verde, Morocco, South Africa, and Tunisia provide very fine wines.

Homemade Wine Making For All

Wine is one of the most popular drinks in the world, and has been drunk for centuries by all the countries of the world. Countries like France have become famous for drinking wine and when you think of France one the first thing you think of is wine. Wine can be drunk for many reasons and occasions from traditional celebrations to medicinal uses too.

Understanding the French Wine Industry

In France, Europe and the rest of the world, there is a craze for French wine. This is because it has its own unique taste. You can taste and tell French wine if it was on a table full of different wines.

Challenges Facing the French Wine Industry

If you are a wine tasting maestro, you will find it hard to disagree that the level of approval you would give French wine is miles above that which you would give ordinary wine from other parts of the world. French wine is simply unrivaled when it comes to the taste it produces. France is known to produce large quantities of wine every year for export to destinations around the world.

How to Properly Open Wine and Champagne Bottles

You thought you knew how to open wine and champagne bottles? Well think again.

Napa Wine Tours – Planning a Fun Visit to the Napa Valley Wineries

The Napa Valley is the premier wine region in the U.S., and receives over 5 million visitors every year. Napa wine tours are by far the most popular tasting tours. Visitors come to sample the award-winning wines, and also to taste the award-wining meals at one of the many famed restaurants in the area.

Flair Bottles

If you’re trying to snazz up your bar, then using gimmicks like flair bottles can be a really fun way to add some personality. Flair bottles come in many different shapes and sizes, and there are options to suit any sort of bar design, so follow along as I go over the major styles.

Why Can’t I Sell My Wine Collection on eBay?

Since eBay’s inception, people have home-auctioned their possessions to “The World’s Online Marketplace”. Since then, people use the site to auction just about anything…except for wine.

Your Guide to Buying Spanish Wine – 10 Things to Look For

When buying wholesale Spanish wine, whether you are a restaurant or wine retailer or any other kind of trade that sells wine, you need to know what you are looking for and what to check for. A good wholesaler will have these listen on their website.

What to Do With a Wine Collection After Divorce?

What happens to a couple’s wine collection when they go through a divorce? If the partner who doesn’t drink wine, gets the collection, the answer may surprise you.

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