Champagne and Cava FACE OFF!

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Does Cava sparkling wine hold its own against Champagne? Madeline Puckette puts two wines to the test.

It’s Blackout Wednesday and I ran out earlier to stock up on bubbles for T-giving. Low and behold, I stumbled across this beautiful Gran Reserva Cava by Juvé y Camps and a Blanc de Blancs Champagne by Moutard. Sooooo, does Cava hold it’s own (for 1/3 the price) against Champagne? I’ve got to know. Join me and tell me what you think.

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How Long Can a Bottle of Wine Be Cellared Before it Needs Drinking?

Have you got a carefully preserved bottle of Barefoot Bynum 1976 or Two-Buck Chuck 1992 waiting for a special occasion? Questions regarding cellaring fascinate me given that something like 90% of wine is quaffed within 48 hours of purchase!

Space-Saving Wine Coolers

For those of us that really enjoy wine, there is always the question of how best to store it properly. If your home has lots of space, the options for wine storage are nearly unlimited. However, in some homes, finding space for a wine cooler to store your best vintages is a challenge. Many people reside in apartments, condominiums, and other small homes that require a real sensitivity to space-saving opportunities.

The Secrets to Pairing Wine and Cheese Properly

Deciding what cheeses to pair with certain wines can be confusing. It is not that difficult. Here are simple secrets to pairing wine and cheese successfully.

The Pinot Noir Chronicles, Part 2 – Springtime Arrives in the Hills of Elkhorn Peak

Your window into the life of a specialty Pinot Noir grower in Napa Valley. Well into spring now, the vineyards have entered a period of rapid shoot growth, sometimes adding nearly 3 inches in a day! With fruit quality in mind, our first goal is to remove over half of the new shoots. This directs the vine’s growing energy to the primary shoots, those that will produce the best fruit.

Wine Making Reality Check

Want to make wine at home? Well good for you, but there are some very important things for you to keep in mind before you get started. Read this article to find out what.

Home Wine Making – Tips From a Master Hobbyist

Home wine making is a lot of fun. Anyone can do it. Wine making does not require any specialized skills, knowledge, or expensive equipment. All you need is a few good tips.

Liquid Gold – High Quality Fine Wine Investment Comes Good

High quality fine wines are very scarce, therefore, the older they are and the fewer they are, the more expensive they become. Wine investment has been popular for hundreds of years in western countries. Investors have long realized that wine investment not only brings huge growth but can also open a door to a new life style where they can enjoy an art appreciation and work on improving the being of culture.

Divine White Wine

I have said it before I will say it again: I love wine. I have a glass or two every single night and I have absolutely no intention of ever changing that – and knowing all the amazing health benefits of wine that is probably a good thing.

Wine Accessories – Must Have Gadgets That Will Enhance Your Enjoyment of Wine

If you are a wine lover you will want to be up on all the latest wine accessories available today. Having one of the newest gadgets will help to further enhance your enjoyment of favorite wines. Here is a helpful over view of the more popular and unique wine accessories available today.

Wine Tasting Party – Theme Ideas For the Perfect Wine Tasting Party

If you want your wine tasting party to be a success you need to have a great theme. Here are some creative Wine Tasting Party Theme Ideas.

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