Chablis vs. Chardonnay

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French Chablis vs. California Chardonnay. A great comparison to try with friends! What’s your pick? #winetasting

Beer Kits – Essential Buying Guide

Do you know the difference between a starter beer kit and a deluxe beer kit? Find out here. You will also discover which piece of equipment will make serving your home brew look more professional.

Dual Zone Wine Cooler – A Prized Possession

Single zone, dual and multiple zone wine coolers are presented in the market. The variation in the refrigerators depends upon the number of independently restricted heat chambers. Dual zone wine cooler presents a number of benefits. There are two controlled compartments present in such refrigerators for the sole purpose of storing white and red liquor. The separation of the two chambers is achieved by placing the control plate in the middle position.

A Look at Grape Varieties For Wine Connoisseurs

Most people are really surprised to learn that globally there are easily over one thousand varieties of grapes grown. This is great news for wine drinkers like me although a much smaller quantity of grapes is used to create my favourite tipple.

Champagne – The Deluxe French Wine

Champagne is the benchmark sparkling wine that all others of the kind are trying to imitate. Much like all other wines, the more sun the grapes are getting during reaping season, the better the wine will turn out to be a good vintage.

Martini Glass Trivia and Fun Facts

This article presents martini glass trivia along with fun facts. Martinis are popular cocktail drinks that are frequently used in movies and are considered a high class beverage. Though most people do not know the origins of this alcoholic beverage they remain incredibly popular.

Different Types of Glass Bottles

The glass bottle have been around for centuries and is still popularly used for holding all kinds of liquids. These bottles not only preserve liquids well but also have a unique aesthetic appeal. The perfect fusion of form and function makes these items particularly sought-after for special occasions and high-end products.

Wine Glass Storage – Helpful Tips For Safely Storing Your Stemware

If you have more than six stemware wine glasses, you’ll need a wine glass storage rack of some kind. There are many kinds of wine glass storage racks that you can choose from, but one that makes sense is the wooden kind, which holds both the wine glasses and at the same time it has racks to hold wine bottles along the bottom.

Red Wine From Various Regions of the World

Red wine is usually prepared from black or red grapes while white wine can be prepared from any type of grapes. The color of red wine is not obtained due to the use of red or black grapes, on the contraire the main reason for the red wine’s bold red color is the vinification process. This wine is prepared by allowing the grape skin to stay in contact with the grape juice and also the grape skins undergo a process known as maceration which imparts the bright red color to the wine.

Cornudella Wines

In the 1970’s and 1980’s Spanish wines acquired a bad reputation for having cheap over processed wines. But today they are recognized as some of the most popular and best tasting wines in the world.

Various Types of Red Wine

A really good red wine is one which has a perfect blend of aroma, flavor and taste. Red wine is produced essentially from black grapes or red grapes. These grapes are grown in many parts of the world. In Europe the major share of the black grapes used for preparing red wine comes from regions like Loire, Bordeaux, and Beaujolais while in US black grapes from California, Washington and Oregon are primarily used for production of red wine.

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