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Becoming a Bartender – Dispensing and Serving Draught Beer

When pouring a beer behind the bar, keeping a clean glass for the pour is essential. Here are some tips for pouring the perfect beer. Beer is a big part of your beverage business, and serving a perfect glass of beer reflects well on your reputation.

Opening and Closing the Bar

The opening and closing procedure varies with each bar. This is a generic list of duties that must be performed in every bar. Check the bar to see if any work was left undone from the night before.

Becoming a Bartender – Beer Service

Temperature. The most widely accepted temperature for serving beer is forty degrees Fahrenheit. This may vary by a few degrees in some bars, but not enough to affect the basic taste or quality. To accomplish this, your beer cooler should be set at thirty-six to thirty-eight degrees Fahrenheit so that a serving temperature of forty degrees is assured when the beer is served and drank.

Behind the Bar Basics

Staying organized, clean and efficient behind the hardwood is a must for any bartender. Here are some tips and descriptions of the front and service bar, and sinks to do just that. Front Bar The front bar is the one that the customers sit at and order drinks.

Looking For The Best Wholesale Wine For Your Event

Making use of a reliable and established wholesale wine supplier can offer a party or event every chance of success. With a huge array of recognised brands and labels available at the lowest possible trade prices, it can make perfect sense for event organisers to consider signing up with a nation-wide wholesaler. As well as savings in financial terms, there will also be considerable savings to be made in time and effort.

Wine Service for the Beginning Bartender

Follow these easy steps to open and serve a bottle of wine. When presenting the bottle, always wipe it off and polish with a clean towel. Place the bottle on a clean towel and present the bottle to the customer.

Champagne Service for the Beginning Bartender

Bartending can be a very fun and lucrative career, side job or hobby. When learning to become a successful bartender, there are many different settings one must prepare for. You may find yourself in a neighborhood bar, an upscale hotel, country club or restaurant, or you may work various private parties around town.

Should Christians Drink Alcohol?

Can or should a Christian drink alcohol in moderation? Often-asked question. We will discuss it from secular as well as scriptural perspectives.

A Taste of California: Wine Clubs for the Sommelier Enthusiast

Are you a sommelier enthusiast? Fancy a quality wine and the best tips and tricks to enjoy the pure delicacy of aged California grapes to the sweetest drop. Well, a wine club might be the perfect option for the wine enthusiast in you to abound with delight.

Rum Basics for the Beginning Bartender

As a beginning bartender, having a good understanding of the history of the liquors you will be serving to customers is very helpful. Not only are you now a great bartender but really understand the story behind all the drinks. This will make you a favorite, and make a big difference in your tips.

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