Cava vs. Champagne (Save $ Drink Smart!)

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In this tasting, I pop a bottle of Champagne and compare it to Spanish Cava and an Oregon sparkling wine. Full details:

Drinking Red Wine – Is it Beneficial?

Drinking red wine is considered to be the king of hale and hearty beverages. Everyone knows the history of red wine, where it came from and all that but it is still not clear on why it is considered to be a healthy drink when in fact it has alcohol as the main ingredient.

Use Personalized Beer Coasters – Get Your Brand Recognized

Personalized beer coasters are used by many in order to get their brand recognized. These coasters are prepared in special styles, colors and also special sizes. All these decisions related to designing and styling of the coasters is done in alignment with the overall brand positioning and brand image at the market place.

Grandma’s Homemade Sangria

Now that summer is here, it seems like we are having friends and family over every weekend for a barbecue. One of our favorite drinks to serve is my homemade sangria. Everyone really enjoys the light fruity flavor.

Glogg Redux – A New Twist on This Traditional Spiced Wine Beverage

Glogg, the traditional Swedish spiced wine beverage normally served around the Christmas holidays, is getting a bit of a makeover. It is now branching out as a year around drink. Find out what’s happening…

Producing the Best Homemade Beer With Home Beer Making Kits

At the end of each demanding and tiring day packed with work and difficulties, each person wish to sit within the warmth of their homes and rest along with a cold and satisfying beer at their hand. Being the most favored drink for private relaxation, following the both mental and physical job of the day, most people discover certain peace and relaxation in tasting a beer which cater especially in their distinctive cravings and tastes.

Wine Trails – Discover Three Under the Radar US Wine Travel Destinations

When most people think of U.S. wine production, destinations like Napa Valley, Washington, and Oregon come to mind. And it’s no wonder, since they are all prolific wine producing areas. But here are three under the radar wine travel destinations you may not know about…

Buy Dom Perignon Online

Dom Pierre Perignon was a Benedictine monk in about 1638 to 14 September 1715 in the Champagne region of France. He joined the Benedictine monks and first served at the Abbey of Saint-Vannes in the town of Verdun when he was 19. Near the town of Epernay in 1668, he transferred to Abbey of Hautvilliers, where he served as a cellar master until he died in 1715.

The Derby Beer Festival – Home of the All Year Round Beer Festival

Derby is commonly referred to as the Real Ale capital of England and in terms of its reputation for beer quality, appears to be the place to visit or live if you want an ‘all-year-round’ beer festival. This point is emphasised in the month of July when locals and visitors alike descend on the Midlands Beer Capital for the annual Derby Beer Festival.

A Beer Drinker’s Perspective – A Slightly Satirical View of Wine Tastings and Wine Drinkers

A somewhat tongue in cheek review of wine tastings and wine drinkers, all nicely, neatly classified and boxed, as seen through the eyes of a lifelong beer drinker. Cheers!

Making Your Own Beer at Home

Do you enjoy having a glass of beer at regular basis but just find it too expensive? Are you trying to save but just cannot eliminate beer purchases on your budget? If your answer for these questions is both yes, then you should learn the basics of home beer making.

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