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Established by Niels and Bimmer Udsen in 1983, Castoro Cellars has proven to be a nimble and innovative family winery. From day one, the Udsens have been energetic about the wine business, from creating a portable bottling line to service wineries up and down the California coast to developing an event center popular for weddings. “With our eight different vineyard locations, we have many choices of fruit, and owning them all allows us complete control of the viticulture. We can estate bottle all our wines.”
– Niels Udson, Proprietor/Winemaker

Buying Inexpensive Champagne

Champagne is currently one of the more popular celebratory drinks. People use champagne to toast baptisms and weddings, congratulate achievements and celebrate various other important occasions and events. Some of the appeal that champagne has comes from its bubbles that tickle your tongue and throat in a very pleasant manner when taking a sip. The taste is also special and nothing really compares to it. When it comes to class and elegance, champagne is the perfect drink to celebrate with.

Wall Mounted Wine Racks – 5 Hot Tips to Avoid Common Mistakes

Avoid the common mistakes most of us are capable of making when hanging our wall mounted wine racks. Surprisingly, there are many things about storing wine that are easy to overlook and one transgression of some basic rules to storing wine can spoil our prized collection of Vintages.

Homemade Wine: Some of the Basics of Wine Making

Wine making supplies are very important if you want to pursue the hobby of producing wine homemade. Some people are even making their own brand of wine and then selling it.

Is Making a Wine Recipe On Your Own a Good Idea?

There are some wine purists (or snobs!) who claim that there is one strict making wine recipe that everyone should use, but that is ridiculous. All you need to do is look in a wine shop and you will see that there are literally thousands of brands and types of wine to choose from, and the only difference between them is generally the recipe and the ingredients that are used.

Wine Making – Homemade Is Always Best

If you are interested in wine making, homemade wine making guides are available that will help you through the various steps and ensure that you get the best product possible in the end. You can, of course, try to do this on your own without guidance, but chances are you will go through a lot of fruit and a great deal of time before coming up with something that is even somewhat drinkable.

Top Wine And Cheese Pairing Advice

Everyone knows that cheese and wine are a match made in heaven. But if your knowledge of cheeses is limited to cheddars and your wine knowledge limited to Pinot Grigios, where do you begin?

The Difference Between Red and White Wine

There are some big differences between red and white wine. Red wine is usually stronger and has a certain value as being healthy. White wine is less strong and should accompany only fine food.

Making of Wine at Home When You Have Too Much Fruit!

One of the things that stops people from starting the process of wine making is that they think it will be too complicated, but it’s not. You don’t need to make a huge investment of either time or money (other than waiting for the wine to properly ferment). Making of wine at home is actually quite easy, and you don’t need a lot of equipment to do it.

Craft Beer Types Explained

Craft beer drinkers are increasing in numbers, though still only 5% of the total beer market is supplied by craft brewers. Do you know your lager from your ale? Possibly, though just how did the terms ale, lager and beer come about and what do they mean today?

The RoJaus Wine Decanter/Aerator – Don’t Entertain Without It

Your guests are invited and the menu is set to enjoy an evening of exciting friends, good conversation, enticing food and of course, your favorite red or white wine. Whether you’re having a carefree get-together or a large dinner party, impress your guests with the unique and innovative RoJaus wine decanter. No party is complete without it. This decanter is designed to decant, aerate and serve your favorite bottle of wine all in one. I have used at many parties and lazy afternoon get-togethers and I have to say it’s been a huge success with my friends and family.

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