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In the early 1990s, Stefano Migotto and Dario De Conti were two of Italy’s brightest young winemakers. A decade later, each came to California to share his expertise with American winemakers. In the process, both fell in love with the Napa Valley and founded Ca’ Momi Winery in 2006.

People ‘Must Be Unit Savvy’ With Alcohol

Health care professionals are constantly highlighting the dangers of drinking to excess and numerous studies have linked it to conditions ranging from liver cirrhosis to cancer. However, the key to regulating drinking may be to keep an eye on units and set yourselves limits, then stay within them, an expert has asserted.

Langmeil Winemaker’s Mouthpiece Shiraz 2002

There is a dinner held once a month that I look forward to enormously – it is a group of Australian blokes that get together at the Tanglin Club, bringing together and sharing wines under a certain theme. I am usually berated for being late, not wearing a tie, bringing the wrong label of wine etc. but happily they have more patience than most and I seem to be invited back regularly.

Choosing Wine Glasses

We’re often asked more or less how to decide on the ideal wine glass in our wine tasting proceedings, so we thought it was just about time to put (virtual) marker to paper. Glassware can generate a sizable difference to how wine tastes, so it’s imperative to select wisely.

I Heart Beer – A 101 on Homebrew Ingredients

To brew good beer, you need to start with good water. Brewing sugar and yeast are another two main home brew ingredients that you can’t-and must not-do without. A day or two out of the freezer means a change in their bitterness and taste characteristics that they shouldn’t have, and thus makes the beer or brew taste differently.

Thomas Fogarty Pinot Noir ’06

Tonight we opened a bottle of Thomas Fogarty Pinot Noir ’06. This wine was given to us by an acquaintance. We decided to have it with our dinner. We took advantage of the beautiful evening and Ron volunteered to BBQ.

The 5 Principal Elements of Wine Tasting

There are five principal elements to look for in the taste of a wine. It is important to learn to focus on each one individually while tasting, and soon you will have the necessary analytical skills with which to complete a full evaluation of the quality of any wine.

Review – Jacques De Merial Chardonnay ’06

I must say if you have read our past reviews on wines from France I have not been that kind. Was it the wines fault “…” probably! With that said, in my ever quest for knowledge of wine I have recently been reading about wines from France.

Getting Bang For Your Buck

Hosting a wine dinner is much like hosting a G7 Summit – there are about 4000 things that can go wrong, from hungover, jetlagged winemakers, to last-minute vegans, hysterical chefs and corked wines. Happily the Majella dinner on Wednesday night of last month was an exception to the rule…

Review – Estancia Zinfandel Paso Robles ’05

There are times when you just need to pick up something fast on the way home. Something that will go with a Hamburger, BBQ chicken or spicy stews. Of course I am taking about a nice Zinfandel.

The Challenges of Wine Tasting

Through the years, wine tasting has become an ancient and perennial art along with the creation of wine that has secured a vital part in the course of human history. People from way back taste wine before they actually consume the liquor while in the contemporary days, wine tasting is a prominent career that anyone can definitely venture into.

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