California vs Oregon Pinot Noir

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Taste how climate affects wine. This is a taste comparison of two Pinot Noir wines from the United States. One wine comes to us from the cool-climate region of Oregon and the other is from the warmer Central Coast of California.

California Central Coast Wine Review – Clayhouse Vineyard Adobe Red 2006

We were looking for a Rhone style blend when we came across Clayhouse Adobe Red. The blend is almost a classic Rhone blend, but this being California, Zinfandel (58%) replaces Syrah (17%) as the backbone of the wine. Petite Sirah (15%) and Malbec (12%) round out the wine.

The Lever Wine Opener

Choice is always great and there are a wide range of choices in lever wine openers. Consider a lever wine opener with its own stand. It holds the wine bottle securely and has a side-arm balance to keep the weight evenly divided to avoid spillage. Place the wine opener atop the bottle, push down on the lever and voila: an open bottle of wine ready to enjoy.

How is Kosher Wine Being Produced and Why it Tastes Better Than Any Other Wines on the Market

Is keeping kosher keeping you from being the wine enthusiast that you really are, deep down inside? Well, if it does, you probably live in the Dark Ages or still stuck in the 80’s (although is practically the same…

Buying Wine Online

In the early years of the Internet, shopping online was not popular. But as each year passed, the number of online shoppers increased. Today, online purchases range from small gifts to household appliances and furniture.

Make Your Own Wine and it Can Be Enjoyable and Profitable!

There are actually great reasons that you should consider creating homemade wine. When you consume lots of wine, you understand exactly how costly it will get. You can save a good amount of money whenever you produce your own personal wine.

Choosing the Right Wine Glass

Wine glasses are great glassware items to use at weddings and other special events. But with so many options, how does one choose which wine glass fits their needs? The truth is – there is a perfect wine glass for any occasion, people just need to know what to look for and how to determine the quality of a wine glass.

Aspects of Wine Glasses

We all love wine glasses. There is just something intriguing about their design that is easy on the eyes and simply captivating. We do not often go over the simple aspects of wine glasses that make them so appealing. This article overviews the simple aspects of wine glass designs that draws attention and provides quality aesthetics.

Are Cheap Wines Ever Good to Drink?

Have you ever looked at a row of cheap wines in the supermarket and wondered whether they might offer value for money? Maybe you’ve been put off buying by the thought that you might end up with something that would simply be undrinkable.

Do Wine Rules Confuse You?

It seems like there are a number of rules governing wine drinking. These can certainly be pretty confusing. You may well wonder whether wines should be drunk at particular temperatures, or with particular meals.

Choosing Good Wines to Drink

You can read endless books on the subject of buying and drinking wine. Some people have an enormous amount of expertise in this area. If you consider yourself to be something of an amateur then you needn’t worry because all is not lost.

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