Cabernet vs Merlot – Stumped?!

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Can you tell the difference between Cabernet and Merlot? Madeline Puckette blind tastes 2 wines. Learn how:

How to Invest in Fine Wine

Fine wine can be an exciting investment. Demand grows for your wines as they mature, and the supply falls as other bottles are consumed. Yet all wines are not investment grade. This article describes how to select, store, and sell investment grade wines.

Organizing a Memorable Wine Tasting Event

Wine tasting events are a good way to do some fundraising and have become very popular with people working in the field of non profit event planning. A wine tasting fundraiser is a strategic event, and you have to be very judicious while planning the details of such an event. You have to be extremely meticulous, have a strong workforce, and well-laid fundraising plan to get success in any such event.

How to Select the Right Wine

When selecting a wines as newbie can prove to be a daunting task. You might ask friends, look on the internet, go out for wine tasting or ask your local wine retailer.

The Wine Aficionada’s Guide to Loving Wine – Part II – Learn About Wines One ‘Pour’ at a Time

The best educator in connecting me to wines I love has been myself, simply by trusting my own palate. That is what I advise folks who enjoy wine to do — trust your own likes and dislikes.

What to Look For in a Good Drinks Wholesaler

This article explains some of the things to look for when you are choosing your next drinks wholesaler for your business. It includes choosing a nearby supplier who has good partners and offers its customers good support.

Why Do I Tip My Bartender So Much More Than My Barber?

Unless you are cheap, naive, or just plain stubborn, you understand that there is a fairly universal (at least in the United States) understanding that when you order a drink from a bartender, there’s a built-in $1 tip… Swallow this…If a bartender, in a perfect world, had constant business of bottled-beer clients for an hour, he or she can expect $180/hour. Yet a barber can only expect $12/hour. Why is this?

Consume Wines at Your Convenience – Wine Bottle Carry Bags

If you are in the habit of consuming white wine or champagne, irrespective of the frequency in which you take them, you would certainly know that they need to be served chilled, otherwise their flavor takes a serious hit. In other words, they do not offer the option of being consumed at room temperature, alike red wines. And while that might not seem like such a big problem, since refrigerators are a very common appliance in every home, to say nothing of restaurants, the trouble comes when one wants to carry it and consume it at an outing.

Beer – Let’s Taste it For a While

Beer, hearing the term mind directly strikes the scene of a beer pub where people are holding mugs filled with beer and the foam is coming out of the glasses. Beer is not a new term since time immemorial, world’s most widely consumed and probably the oldest of all alcoholic beverages.

Rum Recipes – The History of Rum Distillation

The history of Rum is a fascinating one. For those who love cocktails made of rum this history will be one of great interest. Today, there are many different types of rum and many thousands of wonderful rum recipes for the making of rum cocktails, punch and shooters. We take an in depth look at the history of this versatile spirit.

Wine Cellar Cooling Units – What to Look for in a Quality Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

When it comes to storing a large collection of wine properly the best method is with a wine cellar cooling unit within a wine cellar. By dedicating a separate room in your home to your wine storage, and by controlling the environment in that room, you will ensure that your precious wine collection is allowed to age properly.

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