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How to Look Like a Wine Expert

How to sniff that wine in your glass and look like an expert while you’re doing it. Ever wonder why you see wine connoisseurs stick their noses into their wine glass when the wine steward brings a new bottle of wine to the table? They are “tasting” the wine with their noses.

Gewurztraminer, Perfect With Indian, Thai and Chinese Food

Gewurztraminer, meaning ‘spiced or perfumed traminer’ is a wine grape variety grown in cooler wine growing areas of the world. Often referred to simply as Gewurtz, the grapes have a pink to red skin colour which produce a white wine with a high natural sugar content. The style of wine made is usually off dry which emphasises the flavour of exotic fruits.

Types of Wine Glasses

When it comes to wine glasses, there are so many shapes and sizes. Each style of glass is designed to enhance a certain type of wine. It is important to know which type of glass to choose for each kind of wine.

Master the Art of Making Homemade Wine – Winemaking Tips

Before you start creating your initial set of wine, you are going to need a few critical understanding on winemaking and on the background of wine. Wine is a result of fermentation of freshly harvested grapes, although you could use other fruits in the method. Many people these days are making their own homemade wine. The process of how to make homemade wine hasn’t changed over time.

Homemade Wine Making Facts

Have you ever thought of making your own wine at home? It might be easier than you think.

Make Your Own Wine at Home

Ever want to have your own wine label? Well now you can! It’s a pretty simple process to make your own wine. Read this article and get started today!

Guide to Wine Making at Home

Anybody who has a passion for wines can find wine making at home to be a rewarding experience. The process of producing this alcoholic beverage may be difficult and demanding, but you will surely enjoy experimenting on various ingredients and tinkering with the steps to come up with unique tastes and blends.

Homemade Wine Making Equipment

If you’re thinking about making your own homemade wine, there are some things you should know about the equipment you’ll need to get started. The cost is not insignificant, but when you consider you’ll use this equipment over and over again for years, it will literally pay for itself.

Learning About Wines

Learning about wine takes practice and patience. What tastes good to you may not fare the same with someone else. Trying different wines at restaurants will give an idea of what white and red wines taste like with certain foods.

Wine Making Book Tips

Learning how to make your own wine can be difficult, but with a great in depth wine making book things seem a little easier. You may have already tried making your own wine at one point, it may have worked, but let me guess, it tasted like spoiled milk huh?

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