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Three generations active from bottling to bookkeeping are the hands-on family hallmark at Brutocao Cellars. Originally purchased in 1943 by great-grandfater Irv Bliss, who grew and sold wine grapes, the family-run winery now produces 60,000 cases a year. All wines are estate grown and and the family controls all aspects of production from the vineyard to the bottle.

Dogfish Head Reduces Their Distribution Lines

When it comes to successful American craft beers, there are several names that stand at the top of everyone’s list. These names include the likes of Boston Beer Co., Sierra Nevada, Redhook and Dogfish Head. However, one of these leaders has actually announced that they’re reducing their distribution by a significant amount.

Brew Pub Changes The Face of Craft Beer

Eddyline brew pub out of Buena Vista, Co is changing the face of craft beer. Starting in late May, they will begin not only canning their beer but canning it in 16oz Tall Boys.

Heineken on the March – World Domination on the Menu?

Heineken is perhaps the best known brand in the world when it comes to beer. While those in the US might immediately think of Budweiser or Bud Light, when it comes to the rest of the world, Heineken seems to be the brand that first comes to mind when premium beer is mentioned. The brand is on the march, as well, expanding their market share even further.

Workplace Drinking on the Rise

Drinking at the workplace has always been frowned upon, but there have always been those employees who tip back a few at lunch. However, many startups are actually sanctioning the consumption of beer and other alcoholic beverages at work. They’re even helping out!

Wine Coolers and Crannies

A cranny is a small narrow opening in a wall and a nook is defined as any small recess. Often these areas are old desk knee spaces with a countertop or other areas with previously built-in custom but off-size cabinetry. The goal is to install and build-in a wine or beverage cooler into the confined space to give it an under counter finished appearance.

Uncorking Machines – Are They Worth the Money?

This is always a difficult question to answer. You know your budget better than anyone else but sometimes you just want something despite the cost. Uncorking machines can be very pricey up to $700 (Cyklop, Cedon, Dion, Zeus) but some economy models (Bar-Pull Cork Remover) are available at around $60.

What Happened to Local Traditional Pubs?

I like many, have been brought up in a world full of modern bars and clubs with flashing, colourful lights, smoke machines and other gimmicks – which disguise what can only be described as bland and un-unique interiors that in the day light look well about as appealing and interesting as stale bread. Being young, I have usually been too drunk to care as long as the liquids are flowing and the music was playing that seemed good enough – I just accepted it. It wasn’t until my Dad came to visit me in University that I began to question this.

Five Grapeless Wines

Why do grapes get all the glory when it comes to wine? Sure, nothing beats a good South African wine or a bottle of bubbly from France, but what about the lesser known cousins of the famous beverage. How about pineapple, blueberry or cherry?

The Growing Popularity of The Craft Beer Revolution

According to the Brewers Association of America, there are more craft brewers in the US at the current time than at any period since the era of Prohibition. Over the past 30 years, the craft brewery industry has enjoyed soaring growth, with over 1600 craft brewers currently in operation.

The Health Benefits Of Drinking Red Wine

A lot of people choose their own ‘poison.’ That is, they consume things that are perceived to harm the body. Even if it’s not ‘poison’ when it’s not taken in moderation, it can also be bad to someone.

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