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Advantages of Stainless Steel Wine Barrels

Preparing wine in steel barrels is the most preferred method opted by winemakers all over the world. It has some advantages over the containers made of other materials like wood. This article explains the advantages of stainless steel barrels.

Wine Making For Beginners – Tips for Getting Started

If you want to know how to make wine, here are some simple processes you can start with. Before making your homemade wine, you need to first make sure that you have the right set of equipments and tools in wine making.

Hand Blown Wine Glass – Serve a Million-Dollar Wine

Most people are spending thousands of dollars just to be able to serve better wine for their guests. But did you know that you can still serve better tasting wine without spending a lot of money? In this article, I will be showing you a secret that will help you impress your visitors and at the same time be able to enhance the taste of your wine. Read this article if you want to have an idea on how you can improve the taste of your wine, and be able to impress your visitors without spending a lot of money.

How Many Wine Glasses Do You Really Need?

Do you really need a different glass for Burgundy, Chardonnay and Bordeaux? What about Sauternes and Sauvignon Blanc? Learn a few basics about why wine glasses come in so many shapes and sizes and base your decisions on your own habits and preferences.

Torbreck, Grant Burge, and More Barossa Shirazes

Barossa Valley is undoubtedly the best-known wine district in Australia. It produces a range of excellent varietals and blends, but is most famous for the well-loved shiraz. The vintners of Barossa are experts in softening these grapes in oak while retaining their tastes of juicy berries and rich chocolates with hints of minty flavors. Grant Burge, Penfolds, and Torbreck are just some of the names that signify superb shiraz.

All About Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc

Marlborough produces sauvignon blanc that’s said to be the best in the world. This region in New Zealand also delivers really good chardonnay and riesling. It’s also becoming known for top quality pinot noir. But this vintners’ district put the country on the international wine map, mainly because of its lively and intense sauvignon blanc.

Brew Wine at Home

Wine is one of the oldest drinks in the history of human civilization. Many believe that it was Noah who discovered the process of making wine after the notorious flood. Regardless of where it came from, wine has been produced by many civilizations around the world and is enjoyed by people from all walks of life.

How to Serve Sparkling Wine

Serving sparkling wine is a usual highlight in many celebrations. And it would be so anti-climactic if you clumsily open that bottle of bubbly in front of all the VIPs in your event. It wouldn’t also be a pleasant memory if you serve it without being properly chilled. Here are some basic reminders on the correct way of serving this type of wine.

The Great Debate: Cork Vs Screwtop

It is an ongoing debate that will likely continue for years to come. Of course, I am talking about which method of sealing wine is better: cork or screwtop. I don’t know about you, but for me the heart of the debate between the two lie in each method’s imagery.

4 Steps To Beer Pairing

The final step to pairing beer with a meal is to enjoy what you already like. Though it can be good to experiment and try new things, it’s always likely that if you enjoy a Pilsner or Lager casually, you’ll enjoy it with most anything you eat. So try something new and see what tastes good to you.

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