BEST WINE AERATOR??? – Will this wine aerator work?

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BEST WINE AERATOR??? – Will this wine aerator work?

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In this video I test the CKB Wine Aerator
How does it work?
Stage 1 – The wine first hits the special umbrella
Stage 2 – The wine will then pass through the 32 holed separation filter
Stage 3 – The wine will flow into a funnelled air tube that draws air from the top and distributes the wine into your glass.

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Necessary Accessories For The Home Bar

As with any product purchased by a consumer there are a number of additional accessories that are needed to complement the basic purchase. For example, if an individual purchases a flat screen television, there are a number of cables, video devices, cable provider, etc. that are needed to maximize the flat screen TV purchase.

Wine Cellar Lighting Information And Management Tips

Aside from humidity, vibration and temperature, lighting is one of the factors that will determine the quality of your cellar condition. The wine’s ability to produce sweet and delicious tasting wine depends on your management techniques of these factors. The selection of wine cellar lighting must be done with utmost care because improper lighting can have an adverse effect on the room temperature and consequently on the wine’s quality and aging process.

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White Wine Storage

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Entertaining Wines For The Summertime

Summertime home entertaining tends to be more casual. The trick with entertaining is to make your guests feel special. A nice selection of food and beverage can make your guests feel welcome and appreciated. Introducing your guests to a new dish or beverage can offer a nice conversation icebreaker and help make your party memorable. A new wine can help accomplish this. The goal is to find wines with broad appeal, that pair well with a wide variety of lighter fare, are refreshing and offer a new wine experience for your guests. The wines described in this article should do the trick.

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The United States became the world’s largest wine consuming nation in 2010 beating out France. 330 million cases were shipped to or within America. That equates to an estimated retail value of $30 billion in sales. That’s great, right but what happens to all those used corks, we’re talking almost 4 billion bottles in 2010?

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