Best BBQ Sauce Recipe – Cooking Video – The California Wine Club

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Welcome to the first-ever California Wine Club cooking video! Get the ingredients and step-by-step instructions on how to make the best BBQ sauce recipe in this video. For more recipes and tips, visit our wine education page –

Mulled Wine Recipes for the Holidays

As weather turns cold, and especially during the holidays, there’s nothing like a nice mulled wine to warm you up. So here are some mulled wine recipes.

Picking the Right White Wine for Your Seafood Meal

Wine can be added to the meal whether while cooking it, or while eating them already. Here are some suggestions and tips on what to use when cooking or eating meals that would require white wine.

Seasonal Beer Reviewed – Oktoberfest by Summit Brewing Company

The autumn season introduces a number of simple pleasures such as the color change of leaves, a frosty bite in the air and last but not least the creation of various seasonal beers. The month of October is synonymous with harvest time. You don’t have to be a farmer to enjoy harvest because everyone needs to eat.

Great Organic Wine and Beer Featured in Organic Restaurants

Organic wine and beer is much more available than it once was. Organic vineyards and microbreweries create a good selection of certified organic, great tasting offerings. If you’re looking for a good organic beverage for your next get together, here are some bottlers and brewers you should check out.

Some Of The Most Popular Beers In The World

Anyone who drinks beer will have their favorite brew. Some people will be slightly more purist than others and will only drink specific beers and imports.

What Exactly Is Wine?

Many people drink wine yet have no idea what wine is. It is not really a complicated drink at all.

Cutting Corners Doesn’t Mean Cutting Quality – How I Became a Winemaker for Pennies!

I have always loved a night on the town with friends and when I got married, that didn’t change. But when the economy crashed we had to find ways to cut our expenses but not our fun. Naturally, we started entertaining more at home – And we got help!

Biar Rose Winery, A Hidden Gem

If you are looking for a small, boutique winery in you have found it at the Briar Rose Winery. There you will find a fine for all taste.

Steps in Growing Grapes to Have a Thriving Vineyard

A step-by-step guide in growing grapes to have a thriving vineyard. Includes how to obtain your grape vines, selecting a site for them, planting them and caring for them successfully.

Some Types Of Wine Have More Than Grapes!

When you go to the grocery store or to the liquor store looking for wine, you will find that there seems to be an endless selection of different Types Of Wine. For most people, this leads to you simply grabbing the least expensive libation that doesn’t come in a box and heading home to unwind from your busy day. The thing is, you may not be buying the perfect type of wine.

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