Bell Town Winery Presented by The California Wine Club (VIDEO)

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Its fifth generation family of Central Coast grapegrowers gives Winemaker Luciana Sauza Alves the finest fruit to nurture. The California Wine Club is proud to be able to offer wine club members an opportunity to taste handcrafted wine from Bell Town Winery.

Wine Goblets Guide

One thing that I really love about wine goblets is the variety and choice people are now presented with in our modern world where that seems to be just about anything to suit just about anyone. Wine goblets as you’d imagine come in all different shapes and sizes; they can be made out of a wide variety of materials ranging from glass and crystal to pewter and wood. They can be as small as shot glasses or as large a fish bowls, and can even come with inscriptions or painted pieces of art right on the side of…

Expensive Champagne Flutes

A lot of people consider that an expensive and quality champagne can only be savored using a quality champagne flute. The truth is that you don’t need to get the most expensive one in order to fully enjoy this quality drink, what you should aim for is to discover some of the best flutes that offer both great style and a reasonable price.

Transporting Wine Without Whining

Wine lovers travel around, sampling wines from all over the world. If you are a novice when it comes to traveling with bottles of wine, this article could help you tremendously.

The Dog Ate My Wine Compliance System

Winery compliance systems are similar to training a dog in that require three things if they are to be successful: specific details, regulation and consistency. Without these three characteristics a compliance system can begin to break down and eventually become ineffective and in the worst case scenario get out of control and into trouble. (Much like an untrained dog.)

What A Person Should Learn Concerning Wine Tote Bags

Keeping one’s wine chilled when traveling is easier now than in times past because of wine tote bags. They are able to accomplish this particular feat because of the deliberate incorporation of insulation in its design.

Discovering The Outstanding And Best Unique Wine Glasses

Serving a drink in unique wine glasses is a secret that many well known hostesses learned a long time ago. Having the perfect container that emphasizes the beautiful colors of the drink makes it look and taste like it just came from the winery. People who attend these events often come away not realizing that the friendship and warmth that was felt started from their drink from a beautiful glass.

The Wine Making Sanitation Process: From Grape Grain and Bean

The wine making process in the home brewing supply world is quite easy this days. Cleaning and Sanitizing years ago was difficult and a huge hassle to do. The home brewing industry has improved on all this issues and for a hobby this is one of the best and most satisfying.

Wine Storage: How Humidity Affects Your Wine

When you think about wine storage, one of the last things to cross your mind is how will humidity affect it. Most people blindly store their wine wherever they can find a place for it, whether it is in the refrigerator, downstairs in the basement bar, or in a kitchen cabinet. However, what many people fail to realize is that both temperature and humidity have large effects on wine. This means that wine storage anywhere you can put it can truly ruin the taste and quality.

Changing Jobs: From Prairie to Vineyard

While vacationing in the wine country of British Columbia, Valerie gets the idea to look for work and gets a job in 24 hours! Thus begins a journey from prairie to vineyard and the ups and downs of learning about wine on days off from the wine shop.

The Best Glasses For Red Wine

True red wine glasses are somewhat different from the common ones that are sold for more than one type of wine. There are many types according to their shapes and styles. They have a bowl, stem and base. Many types are available in the markets. Basically, the main difference between these is the variation in their bowl sizes and shapes. As well as red wine glasses are concern their bowl shape is slightly round and broad. These have small opening as compared to the size of their bowls.

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