Behind the Wine: Vintage Wine Estates

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Vintage Wine Estates is a family of independent wineries and producers whose singular focus is on producing the finest quality wines. From the esteemed Carneros region, Viansa is just one of the incredible wines within their outstanding portfolio.

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Beer Clubs Create Connoisseurs

There are beer clubs for people from every walk of life and taste type. Some appeal to sports enthusiasts and real meat and potatoes sort of guys.

Cooling Systems for Wine Cellars

Wine collectors know that the cooling systems that they choose for their wine cellars are absolutely vital to quality control. They invest a good many dollars to purchase vintage wines, and storing those wines under less than optimal conditions can pretty much wipe out their investment. Therefore, cooling systems for wine cellars are not optional. A wine cellar that contains a valuable collection of vintage wine needs climate control.

Do Wine Cabinet Provide Safe Wine Storage?

Sometimes people will get it in their heads that the only way that one can store wine is to build an elaborate wine cellar or purchase an expensive wine refrigerator. While both work, they simply are not necessary. If you know the basic principles of wine storage, you can store your wines at practically no cost at all — or at least a very small cost.

Wine Preservation Cabinets

It happens to all of us from time to time. We open an exquisite bottle of vintage wine for a special occasion, and all of the wine is not consumed. Usually people do one of two things when this unfortunate event occurs. They will either replace the cork in the bottle, or they will pour the remaining wine into a decanter. The problem here is that the wine is going to keep for only two days at most. Then the only two choices that are left are to drink the wine or pour it out.

How To Design A Perfect a Wine Cellar

So you are ready to start building your wine collection, but you realize that before you can build a wine collection, you must first build a wine cellar to accommodate it. You don’t want this fine wine to turn into vinegar because of improper storage.

Wine Refrigerators and Wine Coolers

A wine refrigerator uses the same basic process of cooling as a regular refrigerator. The wine refrigerator, however, is designed for the specific purpose of storing wines at a pre-set temperature. Don’t confuse the wine cooler with the wine refrigerator. The wine refrigerator is larger than a wine cooler and stores a larger volume as well.

Wine Reviews Broaden Wine Choice Horizon

Today, almost all of the lifestyle magazines feature sections about food and wine. The wine section most often includes a wine review. The review is written in language that is easy to understand and helpful to all who are interested in broadening their knowledge about wine.

Tried And Tested Advice On How To Make Wine

When looking at how to make wine, most beginners will be content to keep their fermenting wines warm in an airing cupboard or near the boiler in the kitchen. If only two or three jars of wine are fermenting at one time, a small cupboard with a small electric heater installed will be ideal. Other aids to satisfactory fermentation are good nutrients. Following the advice in this article you are sure to make excellent wine.

Making Beer the Simple Way

Equipment for making beer can be very uncomplicated. Most of what is needed is either around the house or can be purchased together for under $25.

Wine Storage Dos And Donts

Storing wine with cooling units is uncomplicated. This is also something you should do to conserve your wine collection. Many times people do not realize the importance of proper wine storage and how it is done.

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