Behind the Wine: Vennstone

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Vennstone, a Tri-Appellation Pinot Noir from Joseph Wagner, represents the harmonious union of Pinot Noir grapes from Sonoma, Monterey, and Santa Barbara Counties. Whether it’s for a crowd-pleasing gathering or sharing at an intimate dinner, Vennstone hits the perfect balance for all occasions.

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If You Need a Cool, Classy Bar After Work, Here is Where to Go

A pint of chilled beer is what you need after a long tiring day. A cool, classy bar can be the best place to forget all your work tensions. The NYC has a lot of such bars that serve the best drinks and perfect environment to relax. The calm and peaceful surroundings with a perfect company can be the best way to unwind.

Award-Winning Okanagan Wines

Okanagan wines have captured gold and silver awards in global competitions recently. Hester Creek Estate Winery is one such distinguished Okanagan winery located in Oliver, BC. Hester Creek’s cabernet sauvignon, merlot and pinot noir have convinced expert oenophiles of their merit. For those contemplating a trip to the sunny Okanagan, we have some suggestions.

Tips For Cooking With Wine

Wine can be an essential ingredient. It can enhance the meal, not only by drinking it with the meal, but as an integral part of the food itself.

Yes, Beers Can Be Classified Logically! Any Beer Geek Will Attest to That

You should note that beers can be classified according to color, alcohol content and beer appellations. Classification According To Beer Color Colors can vary and may come in blond, amber, white, dark and flavored. Pretty much like wine association – one who has been quite familiar with the different types of beer, can usually associate a particular beer color to that of its corresponding flavor.

Save Money, Make Beer at Home

Home beer making kits make the process easy and saves you money. The benefits of these kits are many.

The Components of Wine – What Makes a Type of Wine Unique

To understand what makes the different types of wine unique you need a basic understanding of what goes into a wine. Most people would look at you blankly and say ‘Grapes, of course’ if you were to ask that question, but it breaks down further and it is only by understanding the basic structure and ingredients of a wine that you can develop a full understanding of what you are drinking. Needless to say, with that understanding comes a far greater appreciation of the type of wine and pleasure in drinking it. The grapes that go into a wine provide the acids, tannins and sugars which, together with the yeasts, produce the alcohol and flavour of the wine, hopefully producing a harmonious whole which has structure and longevity.

Hangover Tips – Do This If You Really Love Them

Our loved ones are really precious in our hearts. It could be your parents, your siblings, your husband or wife, your boyfriend or girlfriend, your children or your best friend. It could be anyone in the world and for sure, you won’t want to do anything to hurt them. The reason is as simple. It is because you love them with your heart and soul. You would rather exchange your life for the sake of your loved ones. However without realizing, one day you would hurt them deeply because of a just one word: Hangover.

A Guide to Wine

Wine is made out of juices of grapes. There are different types of grapes that are used to make wine. Merlot, pinot, noir, vitis vinfera, chardonnay are the different types of grapes. The juice of grapes is fermented to make this alcohol. Yeast is also added to wine to help in fermenting.

A Review of Liebherr Wine Cabinets and Fridge Units

For many of us wine storage is a serious issue – expensive wine needs to be kept in the correct environment. Here we review to selection of fridge wine cabinets and wine coolers available from Liebherr.

Italian Red Wine, For a Sharper Tasting Wine

Italian red wine is known for its pleasantly tart taste and offers a traditionally different from the red wines produced in other parts of the world. Traditional Italian Red Wine is regarded as a perfect drink during a meal due to it is bitter taste that accompanies, but doesn’t overpower, the food. But if you want a wine that can be sipped during a meeting or as a simple past time then you would have to find a sweeter Italian red wine, off which plenty exist.

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