Behind the Wine: Steve Webber on the Homeless Grapes Project

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Take a look behind-the-scenes of our Yarra Valley Homeless Grapes Pick with De Bortoli Wines winemaker, Steve Webber. Find out more:

Hosting a Wine Tasting Party? Have You Considered a Vertical Wine Tasting Theme?

So what is a vertical wine tasting you ask? No, your guests don’t have to be standing up to enjoy your vertical wine tasting party. For that matter, the glass doesn’t even have to be vertical…although the host may prefer your glass remain somewhat vertical to prevent those awful red wine spills on the carpet.

The Secret Art of Mead Making Revealed

Mead is wine fermented from honey rather than the traditional way of fermenting with grapes. Nobody really knows for sure how old the art of making mead is. This information has been lost to history. But it may very well be the oldest form of brewing known to man. And it is an art that is not part of the main stream of brewing. Here are some tips and secrets revealed.

Why Not Try Australian Wine?

Like Australian people, the array of Australian wines is quite fascinating. All wines, sparkling or otherwise, red, rose or white are unique to the region where it is made, and the winemaker who crafts the wine. Australian wine has come a long way from when the first wine was available for sale domestically in 1820.

Classy Bars With Cheaper Drink Menus

The city of New York has a lot to offer to its people. This beautiful place is always active and apparently driven by the glamour and glitz.

What is the Best Way to Chill Wine and What Are the Optimum Wine Serving Temperatures?

Want to find out the best way to quickly chill your bottles of wine for those pop-in guests or last minute dinner plans? Sure…you can go out an invest in a special wine refrigerator, but who has the space for that? We’ll show you exactly how to get the job done right and quickly, and the optimum serving temperatures for your different wine varieties.

Learn How to Taste Wine Like a Pro – Or at Least Bluff Your Way Through It

Have you ever been to a high class restaurant where the server brings the wine to your table (after your 15 minutes of grueling horror reading through the high priced wine list and finally picking one), and he pours just that little ounce or less serving in your glass. He then just stands there looking at you waiting for your approval. You’re surrounded by your husband’s clients and want to act like you know what you’re doing, but you really don’t have a clue. It’s so awkward. Want to learn how to taste wine like a pro…or at least bluff your way through it so you don’t have to face those embarrassing moments ever again?

South American Wine – The New World Wine

The health benefits of moderate, regular wine drinking are manifold- lesser heart disease risk, healthier blood vessels, improved lung functions and reduced risk of ovarian cancer in women, and the most apparent benefit is anti-ageing. South American wines have made an impact on the wine markets of the world.

Learning the Basics Behind Food Wine For Better Cooking

If you are one of the thousands of people who don’t know a lot about wine, then this article is for you. Here, you will learn a little something about food wine and what wines should be pared with what foods. It is impossible to learn everything at once, but this will steer you in the right direction.

The Stages of Inebriation

When a person consumes alcohol, the body responds to that alcohol in stages. A person typically won’t go from sober to completely trashed right away. It’s a gradual thing. The six stages of inebriation are euphoria, excitement, confusion, stupor, coma, and death.

Health Benefits of a Glass of Wine

Alcohol, for years, has gotten a bad reputation for having zero health benefits and numerous social implications. While this has painted it in a bad light which has, to some degree, influence 35% of adult Americans not to drink at all, it has also led to research to confirm the negative stigma associated with alcohol.

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