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Throughout their 25-year history, Sonoma Loeb has been dedicated to crafting wines of exceptional elegance and harmony, expressive of the elusive character of their Burgundian varietals.

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More Myths Concerning Alcohol

Alcohol has long been the subject of public myth and conjecture. Unfortunately, the majority of the myths surrounding this substance are completely ridiculous and patently untrue.

Wine Storage – Hints And Tips

Salable wine racks are commonly divided in two major groups. First group is represented by in-store Commercial wine racks, urbanized for high traffic areas of the store to stimulate sales.

Big Brother Wants You – To Drink Yellow Tail

The last century saw a revolution in wine that only accelerated in the last forty years and is speeding ahead as the 21st Century dawns. Modern wine is different in fundamental ways, some very positive and some not as positive. Above all, wine has become a global commodity. There are Big Brothers who know what they want you to drink but, shouldn’t you decide? How do you send them a message they’ll understand and still drink great wine? Here’s how.

Beer, Ancient Beginnings, and Brewing Basics

Egypt and Mesopotomia also have records that make references to the beloved beverage. Experts have stumbled across the chemical remains of it dating to 3500-3100 BC.

Top 10 Most Expensive Las Vegas Cocktails

Whether you’re celebrating your big wins at the Craps table, or drowning in your sorrows after losing your house on Blackjack, Las Vegas has a drink that’s perfect for you. Make sure to bring your American Express though, some of the world’s most expensive cocktails can be found on the Las Vegas strip. From whimsical to decadent, here’s a top 10 list of Las Vegas’ Most extravagant and expensive Cocktails.

Wine Baskets – Perfect Gifts for Wine Lovers

If your significant other is a wine lover, you can’t make any better gift choice than a wine basket. The wine basket gift recipient doesn’t have to be a significant other. The recipient can be a friend or colleague, a brother or a sister, or even a parent. Wine basket gifts are versatile. You can, of course, order wine basket gifts but you can also create your own.

How To Make a Perfect Wine Cellar

Have you ever wanted your very own wine cellar? Actually, you can have one for much less money than you thought possible. When you think of a wine cellar, a special room in a huge mansion where many servants are employed likely comes to mind. That just isn’t the case.

Drinking Red Wine is Very Good for Health

Red wine is very good for health and its keeping health condition. So drinking red wine is good for your heart, lungs, kidneys, brain and more. Hopefully, cooler heads will prevail, and the medical findings that red wine is actually beneficial for one’s health will pave the way toward adopting the red wine consumption on a larger scale.

Wine Making as an Ancient Art

Wine making is an ancient art – probably more ancient than most people realize. In Godin Tepe, Iran, for example, ancient pottery has been discovered that dates back to before the Bronze Age (c. 3500-2900 BC), and chemical testing has proven that the pottery contained wine.

Wine Decanters Are More Than Lovely Pieces Of Crystal

Mostly people think of wine decanters as just lovely pieces of crystal from which to pour wine for their guests and, of course, this is one of the uses of a wine decanter. But there is also a very practical reason for using a wine decanter.

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