Behind the Wine: Sheridan

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Scott Greer’s passion to create wines of richness while maintaining a sense of beauty and balance places Sheridan as a stand out among the winemakers of the Yakima Valley.

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Brewing it Belgium Style – A Guide to Beer in Brussels

Anyone who knows anything about beer will recognise Belgium as one of the world’s most prolific brewers. Perhaps it’s Belgium’s long history in brewing that has led to the country being such a leader in the amber nectar; indeed, Belgium’s beer making origins go back to the Middle Ages, when Trappist monks started experimenting with brewing techniques. Belgians love their beer, and amazingly the health properties of the drink have even led the government to introducing it into the school lunch menu!

History of Beer Steins

The term “stein” is the German word for “stone,” though in English the term has taken on its own meaning. English speakers often use the term “beer stein” as “beer mug.”

Quality Monthly Wine Clubs – Are You Missing Out?

Monthly wine clubs welcome you to the world of wine in a very unique way that can be appreciated both by novices looking to get their feet wet as well as wine connoisseurs. They are a great way to learn about wine and sample the best the wine the world has to offer every month. A quality online wine club offers something for every level of appreciation.

Functionality vs Style with Wine Racks

A discussion about wine racks. Wine racks for 10 bucks to over 8,000 dollars. Iron wine racks, wood wine racks, plastic and even concrete.

On the Grapevine – London’s Top Wine Bars

With growing availability and falling prices, wine has become more and more popular in recent years. In London today, wine bars and wine-tasting venues have become a huge part of the city’s cultural lifestyle.

Wine Countries of America

A good way to maximize the pleasures of a vacation is a trip through wine country. There are many vineyards and wineries in this country and they all welcome and look forward to your visit.

Historical Significance of Beer

They used to sell it as a beverage from their homes in order to supplement the family income. This is just one of the hundreds of amazing secrets about western world’s most popular beverage.

Wine Auction – Wine Auction Bidding and Tasting Tips

You might not have been paying attention, but wine auctions are now big business in both online and offline and they are becoming regular and also more popular. The auctions involved private companies looking to get rid of end of wine ranges, wine estates ends of production, charities and of course Joe public wanting a bargain! The auctioneers are forecasting a continued but subdued market for wine auctions this year. Wine auctions are the perfect way to find those hard-to-find wine gems, if you know what you are looking for or just to pick up a bargain.

Wine Tasting – Appreciating Wine Tasting For The Art Form It Represents

It is a regular misconception that wine tasting is essentially just a sipping, swishing, and swallowing which couldn’t be further from the truth for avid wine specialist. There is definitely an artistic skill to wine tasting that will take years of studied practice to master.

Wine Making – The Basics Facts Of Wine making

Wine making as the products of human creativity has been used over a period of more than four thousand years. A sparkling wine that’s available in the Champagne region of France it is named after that region.Other regions in France that are into making good wine are Bordeaux and Burgundy. The finest Italian wines come from Tuscany, while the best American wines come from California.

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