Behind the Wine: Samuel Robert Winery

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Born in California, Samuel moved to Oregon as a young boy when his family relocated to join the Oregon wine industry. Having been raised in a winemaking family, Samuel has always had a deep understanding of the potential of Oregonian wines, specifically Pinot Noir.

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Beer Making Technique – Step by Step Guide on How to Make Beer

Under Malting, Barley Conversion, Steeping, aerating, germination, kilning, drying and curing were examined. Milling, Mixing the mash, wort separation were examined under mashing. Hop selection and breeding, heating and cooling were dealt with under boiling. Under fermentation, sugar conversion and formation of flavouring compounds were handled. And priming, krausening, venting and purging under maturation. While casking, bottling, canning, filteration, pasteurization and dilution were examined.

Food and Wine Pairings For Dinner Parties

When pairing food and wine, it is necessary to find the best pairs because there are some foods and wines that do not complement each other. What you want to do is find a wine that can best match your food without changing the taste of the food or wine itself.

Tips on How to Become an Accomplish Wine Taster

Millions all over the world are drinking wine but only few know how to recognize its characteristics. Today, wine tasting parties are organized to bring together all wine lovers and test their expertise. It requires years of experience and familiarity before a person can attain wine expert status. All the same, attaining wine expert status is not hard at all. Below are some useful tips on how to an accomplish wine taster….

How to Make Homemade Wine – It’s Simple!

Want to know how to make homemade wine? It’s really easy. Here I will share with you a simple wine recipe that anyone can do. Try your hand – there are many other methods you can use, but I think you will enjoy this one.

Red Wine – The Romantic Wine

Is wine just an alcoholic beverage made by the fermentation of grapes? No, wine is that essential quotient for the perfect evening with loved ones, memorable candlelight dinners, romantic getaways, of poetry and dreams. An engagement ring in a glass of sparkling red wine had sealed many a marriage, with most of the work being done with wine making the drinker pleasantly content with a warm feeling.

Rose Wines – How They Get Their Pink Color

Rose Wines have a similar color of red wine, but only enough to turn it pink. The pinkish color can range from a light orange to a bright purple, depending on the wine and grape making processes.

Dessert Wines – What Are They?

Dessert wines are a little more complex to define than other wines. Dessert wines are usually served with a dessert, but can also be enjoyed by itself or with fruit or bakery sweets.

Tips on Wine Tasting Etiquette

Don’t let inexperience keep you from enjoying California’s Wine Country to the fullest! This short article includes all the best tips to ensure your first wine tasting experience is comfortable, confident and relaxed.

Most Popular Fruit Wines

Fruit wines are of a different variety than usual wines. Their unique composition is what sets them apart from traditional wines.

4 Amazing Facts About Dessert Wines

If you need to damage your tooth after every meal, you can choose to enjoy the whole meal with delicious dessert wines. Dessert wines are wines that are generally served after meals together with the desert. Although this category of wine can be drink on its own without the sugary desserts. For more tips about dessert wines, below are some facts about these extremely sweet wines.

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