Behind the Wine: Plata Wine Partners

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From Napa Valley to Santa Barbara, Plata has access to the single largest owned supply of California coastal wine grapes to craft spectacular wines across different varietals and styles. Take a journey with their Director of Winemaking, Alison Crowe, as she explains her passion and role in the winemaking process.

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Wine Rack Storage Simple Guides on Choosing the Right Rack For Your Wines

When the wine is in an upright position as many are at your local liquor store for months and sometime years, the drying out of the cork will have disastrous effects due to oxidation. So try to buy wines that are stored lying down, or as becoming more popular, screw caped bottles.

Why Wine is Good For Your Health

Normally when you think of wine the image of toasting in celebrations, or fine dining comes to mind. After all, wine has been known to be present in many festive occasions. Also, they are a famous companion to some of the world’s most sumptuous culinary delights!

America’s Beer Distributors Deliver Choice and Value One Beer at a Time

From imported and domestic, to large and small, the key players in providing consumers their favorite malt brands are the beer distributors. It’s because of them that Americans can enjoy an immense amount of choice and variety.

Keep Your Wine Properly Chilled With the Compact NewAir AW-211ED Wine Cooler

Whether you have few bottles of favorite wines or are a budding wine connoisseur, proper wine etiquette is important when it comes to fully enjoying a wine’s bouquet, especially when it comes to wine storage temperature. Learn how the NewAir AW-211ED thermoelectric wine cooler can help keep your wine tasting its best here.

Liebherr Vinothek – Your Very Own Wine Library

Liebherr Vinothek wine storage solutions are a great way to manage different wines in one wine cooler. Here we see the advantages of buying a premium wine cabinet by Liebherr of Germany.

Quality Wine

Just like we want to eat quality, nutritious and healthy food, we expect the wines we buy to be of top quality. Have you ever decided not to buy yogurt, for example, just because they didn’t have the label you like?

Custom Wine Cellar – Great Investment!

If you enjoy drinking wine and you have a large collection of wine and vintages which need to be stored properly over time, you should consider installing a custom wine cellar. This will be one of your more clever investments. You will be able to store your treasured collection of wine in a proper room. And most important of all, you will surely be satisfied when you drink the wine.

Wine – A Drink For Every Mood of Life

The origin of Wine is dated back to 4500 BC from various archaeological sites in Greece and Iran. While, on one hand, Wine was a banned item in nearly all Islamic countries during the Islamic Golden Age, Roman Catholic Church in medieval period promoted consumption of wine as a sign of civility and conversion to Christianity.

Adding Wine to Your Cookbook

Cooking with wine is not something new. Alcohol is often used by great chefs for making flambe, marinating meats, and adding distinct flavor to main courses and deserts. The wines that you will use for cooking aren’t always the same wines that you will drink at celebrations.

Wine Prices – What Do They Mean?

Have you ever wondered why the price of one Cabernet Sauvignon is two, three, or more times more expensive than the one next to it? There are several factors that determine the price of a wine – the geographical location of where the grapes were grown, the cost of the production, and the winemaking process itself.

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