Behind the Wine: Moone-Tsai Wines

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Moone-Tsai began as a partnership between friends that has helped shape the wine scene in Napa for more than 20 years. Their mission is to craft the finest wines by using fruit from the most celebrated regions in California – particularly grapes from Howell Mountain.

Moving to Napa 30 years ago, Mary Ann and Larry Tsai immediately developed a passion for wine. Their love for family, food and wine brought them into the industry. In 2003, they created their label with the dream of making rare and remarkable wines bearing the finest fruit from Napa Valley’s most heralded vineyards. With Howell Mountain beckoning, Moone-Tsai launched its distinctive, limited production cabernets, chardonnays and Bordeaux blends.

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Buying Wine Online

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Wine From a Pasture

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Wine Grape Varieties

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